Decorating a City Apartment

A city apartment must relate to its surroundings, the streets, the environment, etc. Everything is influential in designing an alternative, bold, and distinguished space.
Decorating a City Apartment

Last update: 03 November, 2020

The location of your home will have a link to its surroundings and can, therefore, determine a particular style. So, below we’ll go over some of the popular designs for decorating a city apartment.

The external environment has an internal impact. It may not be direct, but there’s often a certain link. An exceptional case can be country homes, where the decor usually matches the natural surroundings.

Cities are places where modernity and innovation reign. At least this is the idea perceived on the streets. For this reason, you can’t escape the architecture and how it can take form part of the interior design.

Choosing a style – a fundamental step

A woman sitting on the floor of her city apartment.

When it comes to decorating your city apartment, you must consider what style to choose and what qualities it should have. It’s important to have some ideas so it reflects your personality.

Many people say that big cities are where progress comes first and, obviously, they differ drastically from rural environments. Therefore, you can see a distancing from nature and a closer link to new aesthetic trends.

Minimalism is one of the most popular styles. Straight lines, clean shapes, open spaces, and smooth surfaces are becoming more and more trendy. In the same way, industrial, technology and home automation are present and integrated into the decor.

The urban character should be on show in every corner of the house.

Five tips for decorating a city apartment

A very modern living room with a large television.

Creating an alternative environment will give you a modern and urban feel. The idea is to be inspired by the street and develop a distinguished and unique decor. Here are five tips:

  1. The sofa in the living room is the main feature of the house. If you have a loft, then it becomes even more important. Chaise longues and straight-style functional sofas are the most common, whether in leatheror fabric.
  2. Shelves don’t have to follow classical or traditionalist styles. In fact, you can create them yourself with bricks, concrete blocks, or pallets. This is a way to innovate while reusing disused materials.
  3. Window size doesn’t matter. The type of curtains is what’s important. They should be thin and allow natural light to filter in.
  4. It doesn’t matter if some things are visible, such as pipes, beams, or columns. Your goal should be to highlight these features instead of trying to hide them.
  5. You can add little details to help with the decoration: an antique television, license plates, boxes, vinyl records, street signs, etc. You can use anything you find on the street and give it a second life.

What to do with the walls?

A couch in front of a photo mural.

The paint is important. Dark tones, such as indigo blue, black, or neutrals, are all good choices. However, don’t forget about white and warm tones.

You can also use wallpaper or decals for your city apartment. For example, an urban landscape, graffiti, or simply a contemporary painting.

Combining different materials on the walls is another unique idea. Some walls can be one color while another is left with exposed brick. This will give the apartment a more street-like appearance.

Lighting in a city apartment

A man tying his sho in his bedroom.

You must nourish the interior with a sense of peace. These two concepts must exist in the entire apartment. To do this, it’s essential to use warm lighting with lamps.

City apartments are usually dark. However, if you have large windows, you can easily make it cozy and bright. In addition, you should always distribute the light inside evenly.

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