Key Resources to Design a Modern Kitchen

Add an innovative and contemporary touch to your home ! We are going to show you key resources to design a modern kitchen. This will help you achieve a change in furniture, colors, lines, and layout.
Key Resources to Design a Modern Kitchen

Last update: 02 June, 2020

Who doesn’t like a house with an appealing and interesting look? Renovating a room is an important step to progress. This means we shouldn’t stay stuck in conservatism when in reality we have the opportunity to improve and adapt to new designs.

Currently, many different types of modern designs are carried out to change interiors. This new trend is making interior designer famous on an international level. This is why it’s time to value the possibilities and to turn your kitchen into a more welcoming place.

Applying the transparency concept

modern kitchen

We are used to having functional kitchens but we lack space. This is rather common in urban apartments – we can’t move around and we feel like we are trapped.

Now is the time to go for a transparent kitchen. This means it has enough space to walk around and carry out tasks. This will give a breath of fresh air and the furniture will more visible, making it part of the decoration.

We can spread out appliances and furniture to have everything at hand. It’s a way of achieving more practicality and ending the feeling of discomfort.

You must find a balance between space and decoration. 

Essential resources for a modern kitchen

kitchen layout

As mentioned previously, a modern kitchen must have innovative elements. This will make it stand out from classical decoration concepts. Here are 5 elements that must not be left out:

  1. The extractor hood – this absorbs all the steam from cooking and therefore avoids smells from spreading around the house. Some have contemporary designs with simple straight lines, adding a minimalist and functional aesthetic.
  2. The center island – this is where we can have a plain and clear surface. You can also use it for a sink or a ceramic cooktop. This way, major functions are spread out in the kitchen.
  3. Hanging lighting from the ceiling – this is great if you have a center island and spotlights directing light to a specific area, like a ceramic cooktop for example. It’s a way of focusing spots of light on cooking areas.
  4. Fitted oven and microwaves – great to gain space. These appliances also contribute in a certain way to the kitchen’s decoration.
  5. Basic furniture – with simple lines, predominantly straight lines. The goal is to achieve a level of functionality conclusively. It’s a fundamental principle, essential to a modern kitchen’s decoration.

Colors in modern kitchens

bright kitchen

Of course, any color can be used in kitchens. However, decoration trends have selected a series of tones offering a simpler and leaner look.

Neutral colors are gaining ground over warm or dark colors. Grays and whites are the most common ones. In turn, light earthy colors are also present, especially with wooden floors which are recurring more and more in the kitchen.

Anyhow, it’s always good to avoid just one single predominant color by adding detailed elements in other tones to contrast. More specifically, this could be stools, curtains, or a particular piece of furniture.

The best countertops for a modern kitchen

kitchen worktop

All in all, it’s not difficult finding appropriate equipment. Granite worktops are the most resistant, lasting over time. As well as being strong, it also has neutral and dark colors, which fits in and guarantees an unmatched efficiency.

Marble worktops are also an option. However, they are rather expensive and can easily be damaged with daily use. Keep an eye out – laminated wood is becoming popular within new decoration trends.

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