Decorate Your Phone - Phone Cases

Use the right phone case to jazz up your phone and express your personality.
Decorate Your Phone - Phone Cases

Last update: 30 September, 2019

You don’t have to limit decor to your home. In fact, you can also decorate other useful everyday objects. In our post today, learn about the possibilities for phone decor – phone cases.

You can decorate your phone regardless of the model you have. Whether it’s big or small, or from this brand or that brand, you can find all kinds of phone cases. In addition to dressing up your phone, a case will protect it from any impact or scratches.

A good case can help you keep your phone in good shape, and it can also enhance its visual appeal and create a certain image.

Using decoration to reflect personality

phone cases personality

Today, we need a cellphone for everyday life. Everyone has one. We use them regularly for many purposes that can be both social or personal.

From that point of view, your cellphone is something that you show to the world. When you talk as you walk, write a text as you walk down a street or simply check Facebook or listen to music, your cellphone is completely exposed.

The decoration is the process by which an element or place acquires aesthetic appeal. Thus, we can decorate cellphones, too.

— Decorate your cellphone. By decorating it, you can give it a special trace of your personality.

In short, the decoration that you apply to your phone can be an extension of your personality. Both the colors and the case itself can express the person you are, which is exactly why looking for the right case is a great idea.

Phone cases – formats

phone cases formats

Phone cases have a special purpose – to cover and protect phones from external damage. They need to be sturdy but they can also feature a nice design to embellish your phone as well. Phone cases come in the following varieties:

  • Silicone slips: form-fitting material, easy to fit on and smooth texture. These cases make a great cushion to break any fall. They come in colors and designs with pictures or text.
  • Bulky cases: these cases are tough and are the best at protecting phones from a fall. They also come in colors, designs with text or images and more.
  • Book phone case: a book phone case is quite different from the previous examples. Users insert their phone into the case and a flap protects the screen. The flap is opened and closed like a book. The design keeps the screen completely covered and protected.
  • Clutch phone case: clutch cases are essentially a small bag that holds the phone. They provide complete protection and keep phones safely out of sight. Some models even feature a clasp that can attach to a belt or backpack. These cases have a rather serious appearance.

Don’t forget that all of these varieties are designed accordingly. They feature a small hole for the camera. In the case of the book phone cases, they might even have a small window to allow you to see messages.

Types of phone case decoration

The first question that you need to ask yourself is: what kind of air do you want to create? Phone cases can be funny, upbeat, formal  or solely functional.

phone cases decoration
  • A character: you can find phone cases that feature all kinds of people (a famous person, cartoon, cinema references, etc.).
  • Scenery: phone cases with a scenic design are becoming more popular. They could show a beach, sunset, snowy mountain, etc.
  • Patterns: if you’re looking for a geometrical or lineal pattern, look for a case with a simple design with lines or symbols that’s free of messages.
  • Monochrome or colorful: phone cases might have one or several colors. In the former case, the design will be simpler while the latter, bursting with colors and really jazzing up the phone.
  • Phone cases with a special shape: these cases imitate something real. They try to simulate another element such as a chocolate bar, bunny, melting ice cream, etc.

In short, there are plenty of options. Try visiting a phone accessories store to browse a good variety and find the perfect one for you. A great place to check out could be La casa de las carcasas (or “The House of Phone Cases”, a phone accessory store).