Decorate Your Home With Trays: Creative Ideas

Learn how to decorate your home using trays. It's something that's simple but effective. Ready to get creative?
Decorate Your Home With Trays: Creative Ideas

Last update: 02 August, 2022

Trays are usually used to hold objects or carry food, but they can also be used to decorate spaces in the home. Did you know this? Well, when you decorate with trays it has the power to completely transform the look and feel of your home.

In turn, these accessories can be arranged to give life and highlight certain areas in each room. Best of all, there are different designs, colors, and materials to choose from. Choose the ones that you like the most and that fit the decorative style of your home. Read on to discover some amazing ideas!

Considerations for using decorative trays

Before you decorate your home with trays, you should consider the rooms where you’ll place them so they’ll work in harmony with your entire home. These accessories will look great almost anywhere.

Flat surfaces such as coffee tables, dining tables, countertops, sideboards, and display cabinets are perfect. You just have to look for the right place and make sure you highlight it.

The shape of the tray

When you’ve decided where you want to place the tray, the next step is to think about the shape and size of the tray and ensure it’s suitable for the chosen place. Obviously, this will depend on the available space, but there are so many types to choose from. You’ll find many different sizes and shapes such as circular, square and rectangular.

Now, if you have a narrow piece of furniture, it’s best to use a rectangular tray to balance the space. If you have a circular table, choose a circular tray. Always keep this in mind, because the size and shape of your tray will also depend on your needs and expectations.

What material should your tray be made from?

The tray material should be considered according to your home decor and how best you can complement this. You can choose from wood, aluminum, wicker, and metal. However, if you want something more elegant or modern, choose glass, porcelain, or mirrored trays. These are perfect for contemporary decoration.

Ideas to decorate your home with trays

A great idea is to decorate the trays with candles.
A great idea is to decorate the trays with candles.

When you’ve chosen your trays, according to your furniture and the tones and style of your home, you’ll need to work out how you’ll display them and what you’re going to place on them. Here are some ideas that you can put into practice. Use these as inspiration to create your own designs.

1. Add items to your tray: decorate with trays

In general, objects such as candles, books, vases, and even reminders and or photo frames can be grouped and arranged on trays.

You can adapt any object as long as it looks subtle and delicate, matching the rest of your decor. In fact, you can use several of these elements on one tray including a candle, a book, and some vintage glassware. This makes an ideal decoration for a coffee table in the library, home office, or study.

2. Try decorating your trays with flowers

If you like nature and warmth in your home, you could decorate your trays with flowers. These are a great option and can look simple yet stunning. Put flowers into small pots in the color of your choice and play with the sizes and shapes.

Another great idea is to choose a brown, wooden tray, accompanied by a white pot, with flowers or green plants. For an even greater effect, complement it with some candles, porcelain, or books. This will create a striking vintage decoration for any space.

3. Make pairs of trays: decorate with trays

If you want to decorate with trays, but you feel that one isn’t enough or the space is overloaded, you can put two trays together or near to each other.

Ensure the trays complement each other and you can place stackable items on them. Such as containers, books, or important things that you need to have on hand.

Use the trays to decorate the bathroom.
Use the trays to decorate your bathroom.

4. Use them for bathroom storage

If you want to decorate your bathroom with trays and give them a function beyond aesthetics, this idea is for you! Find some suitable containers where you can store jewelry, medicines, or hygiene products. Then arrange them on your trays. 

Depending on what you want to store, you’ll need to choose appropriate-sized containers.

5. Use your tray as a centerpiece

Another idea to decorate your home with trays is to make it the center of attention in a dining room. This is very easy and you can make a fruit centerpiece on the tray. This will look striking and will perfectly complement your dining room.

Try to choose a smaller tray and have brightly colored fruits on it. You can also accompany it with some contrasting candles that are more decorative than functional.