Creative Staircases

Creative staircases don't always have to boast extravagance. Many designs can be discreet but also original, creative and sightly. So don't worry about choosing a creative staircase for your home.
Creative Staircases

Last update: 30 May, 2019

If you have a staircase at home, they could be a great way to complete your home decor or they themselves could be a great decor item. We’ll show you some creative staircase ideas below that you can adjust easily to your preferences.

In many cases, we take the visual impact that certain home elements can have on us for granted. Stairs, for example, are an element that we often forget that we can decorate. While it’s true that we should always keep our stairway clear because it’s a transit area, there are still ways to keep them safe and decorated.

Aspects to keep in mind

There are four aspects to keep in mind as you think of creative designs for your staircase. They’ll help you analyze which kind of staircase that you have and, depending on the type, better visualize a design that you want.

  • Length of staircase. A design for a short, indoor staircase that only connects two floors won’t be the same as one for a longer staircase that connects various floors.
  • Curves and turns. How do the stairs rise? Do they rise in a straight line or do they follow a curve or some turns? Do you want your decor to “follow” the staircase? Or maybe you the floors to determine the stair decor?
  • Type of rail (material and length). You might be tempted to decorate your railing, but it’s not always an option because sometimes, it can compromise safety.
  • On the same note as the prior point, you’ll also need to think about if you have space below your staircase or not. To give you an example, if you might not decorate your stairs but you can create a mini-garden underneath the staircase or install some spotlights that can reinforce the lighting or add some visual space.

3 creative staircases

Creative stair bicycle

1. Bicycle display

The first idea for creative staircases on our list is original, discrete and a great use of space. It consists in installing bike racks for a couple of bikes, skateboards, or other similar ideas.

Many restaurants use this idea for displaying antique bikes, velocipedes or individual parts. Far from ruining a setting’s overall decor, it fits right in with the preferences and particularities. As a result, it looks great for grunge, vintage or even minimalist styles.

This idea is a spin-off of wall decor along with using plates or ceramic pieces to decorate stairs. It gives beautiful results but you need to be careful not to leave any marks on your wall when hanging your bikes as well as when you remove them (if you use them regularly).

2. Creating contrast with materials

Our second idea for creative staircases is basically creating contrast with materials. Instead of using accessories for your stair rail, using a different material for it instead makes for a decorative option.

With this idea, you don’t have to reform your staircase. You can find decorative decals and other easy-to-install options that give the illusion of a different material. To give you an example, you can find decorative brick paper, or wood, stone, tile patterns, etc.

We should mention that you can create a contrast with your materials in various ways. A great way that’s very popular these days is by adding silhouette stickers of special designs in between steps.

You can also create contrast by alternating the material of your risers: paper, wood, ceramic; and use them with some wall accessories that use the same materials. For example: a poster (paper), a pot (ceramic) and a wooden accessory as well.

3. Colorful steps

Creative stair color

Our third idea for creative staircases consists in painting your steps in colorsYou can opt for just one color or play around with a set of them. The colors that you choose depend entirely on your preferences.

Similar to our previous idea, you can use paper, adhesives, or other easy-to-install products. On the internet, converting risers into rows of colorful books has become quite popular among book lovers.


Going beyond decorating a stair railing with lights, branches or flowers at Christmas time, or hanging objects on the wall of the staircase, there are plenty of possibilities to explore to create a creative staircase.

The key lies in considering the options that we went over in our post and never forgetting about safety, regardless of if we have children at home or not. As for how much your decor could cost, it can vary. However, these days there are always options that are possible on every budget.

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