Creating a Comfortable and Functional Bathroom

Regardless of whether your bathroom is small or large, by incorporating these essentials, you'll make it as comfortable and functional as possible.
Creating a Comfortable and Functional Bathroom

Last update: 16 March, 2023

In this article, we’re going to talk about the essential components of a comfortable and functional bathroom. We’ll explain all the elements that’ll improve your experience in this important room.

Although we’re all guilty of focussing more on decorating the living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms, the bathroom is equally important and deserves consideration. We may spend less time in the bathroom than in other rooms, but this doesn’t mean that our time there shouldn’t be comfortable.

Now we understand the importance of dedicating time to decorating and furnishing the bathroom, we’ll dive deeper into the necessary essentials to guarantee comfort. Take note!

Seven things to include for a comfortable and functional bathroom

Regardless of whether your bathroom is small or large, by incorporating these essentials, you’ll make it as comfortable and functional as possible. If you have more than one bathroom, you can apply our tips to each bathroom so that you can also offer your guests and visitors a comfortable experience too.

1. Sink and faucets

Choose the style of sink that you like best.
The sink is one of the must-haves in a bathroom. In addition to being a necessity, it adds elegance and style.

We’ll start with one of the bathroom essentials, the sink, and faucets. This is because there’s nothing more unbearable than using a toilet and not having a place to wash your hands!

As well as being hygienic and functional, the sink complements the experience in this room. Among the most modern, we find ones that are embedded in the countertop and encompass a storage cabinet. They come in all imaginable sizes, making them suitable for even the smallest bathrooms.

Now, regarding the faucets, it must be said that they add elegance and style to a bathroom. Usually, sinks come with faucets and complement the model you’ve chosen.

2. Soap dispenser

As we mentioned before, it’s imperative to wash your hands after using the bathroom. For this reason, the second inevitable tip that we have for you surrounds the correct dosage of hand soap. This must be as hygienic as possible.

Bars of soap are the most traditional option, but liquid soap is preferred. This further limits contact with surfaces that can contribute to transmitting bacteria.

However, it must be emphasized that, regardless of the type of soap you choose to have in your bathroom, research indicates that it’s essential to eliminate microbes. It also helps to prevent the spread of diseases such as COVID-19.

3. Shower tray

Having a shower tray is absolutely necessary for a bathroom. Moreover, it helps prevent water leaks that damage the floor and cause accidents.

This element is installed on the shower floor and acts as a non-slip surface that leads water toward the drain, avoiding humidity. Some of the most efficient trays are made of resin, slate, or steel. They come in different designs and colors, so it’s easy to find one to suit the style of your bathroom.

4. Screens

Screens are useful when it comes to separating specific spaces within the bathroom. You can use them in both large and small bathrooms and they’re commonly used to divide the shower from the toilet and the sink. What’s more, a screen complements the shower tray function by preventing water from spraying while you use the shower.

The price of the partitions can vary depending on the material in which they are made. These include aluminum, acrylic, or tempered glass, but the choice will depend on the decorative style of your bathroom, as well as your needs.

5. Mirrors

Mirrors (better if they have LEDs) are essential in a comfortable and functional bathroom.
Mirrors (even better if they incorporate LEDs) are essential in a comfortable and functional bathroom.

Having a bathroom without mirrors is bleak and can be considered a nuisance. As such, one of the other bathroom essentials is the mirror, which must be proportional to the available space and the needs of each home.

LED mirrors are elegant and modern, and they improve the vision of those who are reflected. They’re ideal for small bathrooms with limited space as they bounce the light, making the room appear bigger than it actually is.

6. Bathroom furniture

The furniture in the bathroom fulfills a function that goes beyond the aesthetic. Within this furniture, you can store all the things that you want to use in your bathroom, such as cleaning products or items relating to personal grooming. Bathroom storage space is usually located under the sink or above the toilet.

If your bathroom is large enough, you can have a piece of furniture and use it as a space divider, it just depends on the design you prefer.

7. Personality

Although personality isn’t a tangible thing, it’s noticeable in the series of things that improve the user experience. Some of the must-haves in this sense are to eliminate odors. Use fragrances that, together with good ventilation, always make and keep the room smelling good.

We also suggest adding a nice rug, a few plants, or some paintings. Everything that you add will give a unique touch to your bathroom, ensuring that you won’t feel embarrassed when people want to use it.

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