Cool Gray

If you want to create a neutral atmosphere in your home, look for colors that can serve as the perfect backdrop for your decor. Cue cool gray!
Cool Gray

Last update: 09 January, 2020

In the world of interior design, gray is in the family of neutral tones. It’s a superb color to use with others in decor. But are all the tones of gray the same? No, they’re very different. So, what about cool gray?

Shades can differ greatly from one another and they come in a wide variety of choices. Gray tones can be very dark (leaning towards black) or extremely light (nearing white). They offer a world of possibilities.

Cool gray is a bit different from the conventional tones but still shares the same characteristics and can match easily with other colors as well. The only difference lies in the sensations that cool gray transmits.

Creating a cool atmosphere with color

cool gray atmosphere

We all know that colors can be cool or warm. In the first group, you can find certain shades of blue, green, purple, etc. Meanwhile, the second group is home to colors like red, orange, and yellow.

But what about grays? Gray tones lie more or less in between the two.

But cool gray is a special tone. It’s close to a blueish or greenish hue and as a result, feels cool. Cool gray is an original color and a great option for home decor.

The sensations that colors create are a true reflection of the world around us.

Cool gray walls

cool gray walls

First and foremost, you can’t apply cool gray to all your decor as it would make the rooms feel cold. You have to use it with other colors as the perfect backdrop for your decor.

  • Walls are the main way to showcase this color. By painting your walls in cool gray, you can create a well-defined, neutral space. Lighten or darken it as you please, but always stay true to the hue.
  • Can you paint a different part of the wall another color? Yes! This color works great in a color dialogue. White will likely be the best pair. Or, earthy colors can also be an interesting option.
  • Don’t let gray overpower your home. While you can use it in some rooms, try to keep dynamism alive as too much gray can overwhelm and drain the atmosphere.

Cool gray furniture pieces

cool gray furniture

This color also looks great on furniture. It can help create neutrality and simple decor that allows other colors to work well with it.

  • A couch can be a great item for this color. While it will be a subtle piece, it can help add neutrality and a cool touch to the setting. But make sure to contrast it with another nearby element for a hint of color.
  • If you want to pair the couch with a cool gray coffee table, use a different tone. Whether it’s darker or lighter, a different tone will help keep the color from saturating your overall setting.
  • Earthy colored furniture pieces also match very well with this special color. Warm tones, such as yellow or orange, do as well. Try them on pillows or curtains to add a pop of color.
  • If you’re decorating a bedroom, this gray tone can look great on blankets and sheets. But try to use other colors throughout the bedroom as well.

Wrapping up, cool gray can be a strong base for home decor. While it creates a neutral setting, remember that you have to use other colors alongside it to fill your home with life.

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