Bottle Green Walls, Furniture, and Accessories

Bottle green is an aesthetic resource that brings originality to your home. It creates a certain type of mood filled with all sorts of sensations.
Bottle Green Walls, Furniture, and Accessories

Last update: 17 December, 2019

Are you looking for ways to give your home a new look? Continue reading then. We’re going to tell you about bottle green and the way it can impact your home decor.

You may have noticed some green in homes and public spaces. It’s definitely a color that catches your eye and gives you a feeling of serenity. It also makes you think of nature.

You can have this color in a room on your walls, the furniture, and accessories that comprise your decor.

An alternative aesthetic

A kitchen with bottle green ceiling, walls, and floor.

As explained above, bottle green isn’t generally present in the world of decor. It’s more of an alternative tone that’s out of the ordinary. This is because it’s more striking as an accent.

This color is often used in the world of fashion and, in decor but to a lesser extent. But, it’s uncommon is to see it on the walls. So, why not use it in any room of your home and break the routine?

Often, we settle in a comfort zone and tend to conform to aesthetic stereotypes. So, think out of the box and consider this color. You don’t need to conform to what’s traditional. So, be courageous and dare to be original in your home decor.

Different walls

A funky living room.
Paint a wall bottle green and you’ll give an aesthetic twist to any room. It creates an atmosphere with a new internal concept and decorative parameters.
The first thing you’ll perceive is a greater depth of field. This is because this color dignifies any existing decorative elements.
Bottle green brings out sensations that most of us tend to connect with a sense of well-being. This color puts us at ease and we relax. For sure you’ll get a very different feeling from what you get with other colors.
This tone attracts us without being too serious or rigid. But it does so without being too loud. This is because, in reality, it’s a rather gentle color that describes our personality
Use it in your bedroom or on your living room walls and you’ll see how well it blends with the rest of your decoration. So, dare to change your home dynamics.

Bottle green is a good color for a bathroom

A green tile wall.
If you’re thinking about a new color for your bathroom, then consider bottle green. It’s a good choice because its soothing appearance conveys calm feelings.
A bathroom is a space where a feeling of hygiene and cleanliness must predominate. This color shouldn’t be too light because it’ll look like mold. The color you use must establish a good relationship with this kind of environment.
Dark greens don’t only make you think of nature. They’re also comfortable and make you feel whole and peaceful. So, this place must awaken sensations that other colors can’t.
White, blue and gray colored bathrooms are common. But you can separate this space through the use of bottle green.

Other decorative resources in bottle green

An eclectic suite
Of course, you can also use some bottle green furniture. Actually, if you’d like an original way to highlight your living room then opt for a sofa in this tone. Also, make it the focal point of the space. Don’t paint the walls in this color though.
As for decorative objects, you can use vases, bowls, and other accessories. They’ll be mere anecdotal elements that’ll provide a subtle and elegant color. But, don’t overload a room with this color.
In conclusion, bottle green is a very interesting color for your home and it’s quite a turn in the field of decor. It’ll add elegance, comfort and very original touch to any environment.
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