Autumn Home Decor

If you want to set up a beautiful autumn home decor, all you need to do is take a cue from nature: its harvest, colors, textures...
Autumn Home Decor

Last update: 07 December, 2019

Autumn decor is a dream come true for people who love this season. Autumn’s charm doesn’t just come from its color palette but its textures and natural beauty as well. If you want to pull off great autumn home decor, draw your inspiration from these elements.

Our readers that have a fireplace will know that it becomes a special corner during autumn. Decorating your home to take advantage of a cozy fireplace is worth it. But even if you don’t have one, you can still create a snug feel with home decor.

Some people go for simple decor ideas like fireplace wall decals (which is a great idea as it doesn’t take up any space) and install a shelf above to hold accessories and to create a more realistic effect.

In our post today, let’s go over the objects that sing autumn and how you can combine them in creative ways throughout the season.

Colors in autumn decor

It goes without saying that autumn’s color palette is its best-known feature: earthy colors, reds, oranges, yellows, ocher and pops of bronze and gold as well.

autumn home decor colors

Together, the colors transmit a warm, snug atmosphere that contrasts with the chilly temperatures outside. And it’s what makes autumn so special – the idea of being comfortable in our “home sweet home”.

Earthy tones also make up a neutral palette so they match well with each other. Thanks to their neutrality, finding a winning color combination isn’t hard.  We recommend the following:

You can create all kinds of color combinations from these templates. But just remember that you have to play with intensities in order to create harmonious palettes.

On a different note, we want to mention that autumn home decor doesn’t have to follow a single color scheme. Just as we explained previously, the colors match easily with each other, which allows you to use different palettes together to create transition areas in a subtle way.

You can try a set of light colors like white or off-white for bigger decor elements. Add in contrasting tones like beige, orange or mustard yellow for your other decor elements.

autumn home decor nature

Ideas for autumn home decor

  • Use seasonal produce for your table centerpieces (apples, pumpkins, chestnuts, walnuts, corn) in your favorite bowls. You can also use other decor accessories like candles, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, dried flowers and branches and more.
  • Save dried branches and leaves to create natural arrangements. If you want decor that’s more chic, try giving them a coat of gold or matte black spray paint.
  • Play around with different textures for your textiles. For example, mix a handkerchief in the same room with a shaggy blanket along with smooth cotton pillows. Use all kinds of textures as a decor tool.
  • Add aromatic candles to different spots in your home. Even if you don’t light them, they’ll help create a warm, homey setting. Also, take advantage of the season to bring out your candleholders.






autumn home decor accessories

If you want to add green to your autumn home decor, go for darker shades or pistachio green. These tones will better mimic the natural colors of the season.

Remember that you’re not just limited to dried flowers and branches, you can also use fresh plants as well. A sunflower bouquet will look gorgeous.

And try putting up string lights creatively in places that don’t receive enough natural light. Wrap them around a standing lamp, around the books in a bookshelf or hang them from the top of a shelf.

As you’ve read with us today, you can decorate your home for autumn with easy to find elements. Remember to keep things simple at first. Once you can see everything coming together, start adding embellishing details.