4 Different Styles for Your Living Room Fireplace

We're going to fill you in on everything you need to know about living room fireplaces. Shall we get started?
4 Different Styles for Your Living Room Fireplace

Last update: 04 June, 2019

Fireplaces don’t only offer warmth for your home, but they also become your living room’s centerpiece and completely influence the overall layout. Just think about it! Spending long hours in front of a fireplace is supremely relaxing and your chairs and sofa will be right there to lounge on.

Whether you choose to light your fireplace or not, it’s always going to be a decor element. It offers a lot of possibilities and it’ll also give your home that sense of hygee— and that’s simply happiness in itself.

We’re going to look at all of the fireplace options for your living room to help you decide which one suits your home the best.

Types of fireplaces


A fireplace that uses firewood is the most complicated option because it requires a chimney. If you live in an apartment, that’s not always a viable option. However, this kind of fireplace is definitely a classic. Watching the flames and listening to the firewood crackling leaves us in a hypnotic, relaxed state.

This traditional fireplace uses firewood for fuel, and it’s very economical but the ashes and soot can be quite a hassle. Remember that you’ll need a place to store firewood as well.

Fireplace traditional


Gas fireplaces are the most practical option because they only require electricity and a gas connection. While they also need a system where smoke can escape, it’s simpler than a chimney. You can control the flame intensity and don’t need to keep an eye on the firewood.


A pellet fireplace is the more ecological option that is also the most energy efficient. The pellets are small chips of compact wood, made with leftover pieces, that hardly release any CO2. On a further note, this fireplaces make for easy cleaning.

It gives off good heat, even stronger than a traditional fireplace and, as we mentioned above, it’s cleaner. There are decorative models available and the installation requirements are very similar to firewood fireplaces.

Bio Ethanol

No smoke here, so you don’t need a chimney. It releases minimal amounts of carbon dioxide, similar to the amount that two candles would give off. However, the smell can be off-putting. It’s the easiest fireplace option to install. The downside? The fuel is more expensive and doesn’t produce residual heat, which means that once you turn it off, your room will cool down again.

1. Classic

Fireplace popular

The first image that pops into our mind when we think about fireplaces is probably this one. It’s the typical stone or marble fireplace with beautiful baroque motifs. Regardless of what your home looks like, if you have one of these fireplaces, you have a real decor treasure on your hands.

2. Embedded fireplace

These options tend to be linear and simple, silently integrating themselves into your living room decor. They’re great for gas or bio ethanol fireplaces.

3. Hanging fireplace

Visible smoke hoods can give rooms a really rustic feel and by placing it in the center of your living room, it can shine as the main attraction.

4. Fireplace with an insert

Inserts are a metallic structure with glass on the front that are literally inserted into a fireplace. They help to distribute the heat more evenly because they carry an internal fan and they aren’t as messy.

How can you decorate a fireplace for your living room?

The chimney usually is hidden but you can create a functional and beautiful area around it if you know how to decorate it.


If you want to add a little decor, install some simple, spaced out wooden shelves or fitted shelves next to your fireplace. Use them to keep books, plants and your favorite objects.

Use small spaces for storage

fireplace storage

You’re going to need a place to keep firewood and a great option is making a storage area next to your fireplace. You can create a small space with doors or an area to keep a basket or a wooden box.


A cabinet is the classic living room furniture and you can use it as it is or give it a modern face-lift with a little color and simple lines. A cabinet makes for the perfect bookcase and in the bottom part, you can add doors to hide away everyday items.

Mix it up

You can make use of both sides of your fireplace to create an asymmetrical design by putting a bench on one side and a bookcase on the other. Let your creativity run wild.

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