How to Choose a Fireplace: What You Need to Know

A fireplace is a decorative detail that creates an impression while adding style to your living room.
How to Choose a Fireplace: What You Need to Know

Last update: 29 May, 2019

During the winter, having heat at home is essential. Fireplaces are still another way of heating your home, but you should know about the different types. How do you choose a fireplace?

Today, technology has changed the format and improved the quality of chimneys. They are made now to avoid any heat loss and be more efficient.

One of the main things a fireplace can do is open up the room. They were common in older houses since they were the only sources of heat.

Rustic fireplaces

If you are trying to choose a fireplace, consider a beautiful, rustic fireplace.

This type of fireplace is similar to traditional fireplaces from the past. This design gives off a rustic character, but you may have to deal with more heat loss than newer styles.

When you’re trying to choose a fireplace, the heat loss caused is something to consider. The duration of the fire is also shorter in this type of fireplace so it’s important to think about this.

For a rustic fireplace, we recommend that you use materials such as brick or stone. This will give the fireplace an aesthetic typical of mountain homes.

-From your house’s chimney, little stars flow one by one…-

Mario Quintana

Convector fireplace

This is one of the most modern, innovative, and effective chimneys on the market.

The convector system is common in city apartments and in urban houses. The design makes it quicker to use and more practical.

This type of fireplace has the space for the fire and an outlet for smoke. The innovation of this fireplace, however, is that a portion of the hot air is pulled out the top of the fireplace. Then, this hot air allows the chimney to heat a room very quickly.

This fireplace is made of cast iron. This material is resistant and robust, as well as elegant at the same time. 

On the other hand, the most innovative part of this fireplace is that it has a thermostat that controls the temperature. It prevents the fireplace from getting too hot.

If you’re considering a fireplace for the living room, you might also want to consider the best place to put a television in the living room.

Fireplace inserts

A fireplace insert in a living room.

This fireplace design, called a fireplace insert, is a way to save space and maintain a specific aesthetic in your home.

This type of fireplace is typically embedded in a piece of furniture or in the wall itself. It just has one door that opens to the outside. Although you can’t see it, it has a very advanced ventilation system inside.

These fireplaces are usually made out of cast iron, which again, is resistant and easy to fit into any home aesthetic. This makes fireplace inserts very versatile. You can also choose a fireplace insert in steel.

We should also remind you that there is a huge variety of fireplace designs and shapes. Any store will have many options to consider if you are looking to choose a fireplace.

This type of fireplace has a high heat output. Because of this, we recommend this type of chimney for houses or apartments that are at least 1000 square feet.

On the other hand, if you want to reuse the space where an old fireplace was, you can put a pellet fireplace insert in that space. These have an easy-to-install format, depending on where you would like to put it.

Cast iron fireplace

If you’re trying to choose a fireplace, you should consider this style. If you’ve ever seen a large fireplace with a glass front and an impressive chimney, this is that type of fireplace.

This isn’t a very typical design in most houses, but it draws a lot of attention from guests. This style is definitely the centerpiece of the room.

Obviously, these fireplaces can be very expensive, and typically are less effective for heating than other styles. What you really get with this fireplace is the aesthetics.

This type of fireplace may also be referred to as a baker fireplace since they are similar to a bread oven.

How to choose a fireplace

Styles and aesthetics of houses are always changing. Traditional fireplaces are less and less popular. Instead, fireplaces are becoming more functional and efficient.

When you choose a fireplace for your home, make sure you consider the size of your space, the temperature, and which type is best suited for your needs. We recommend spending a bit more to have something perfect for your home.