Colorful Lights for an Alternative Decor

If you want to add something different to your home decor, colorful lights can be an awesome element.
Colorful Lights for an Alternative Decor

Last update: 22 May, 2019

Lighting is a decorative resource that can help set a home’s setting. Switch things up and create alternative decor by using colorful lights.

Most of us limit ourselves to furniture, objects, and other elements to decorate our home. But there are actually other possibilities as well, like lights. And we’re not talking about light fixtures; we’re talking about mixing up different kinds of lighting.

Not sure how you feel about alternative decor? It’s time to look for the right ways to put a spin on your home and focus on the aesthetic details where color and warmth need to provide a base for the rest of your resources.


alternative bedroom

First things first, you need to know what kind of ambiance you want to create and how to pull it off. You need to look for the perfect formula that’ll create a cozy yet out-of-the-box decor.

Of course, you’ll need nightstands with lamps. The light-bulbs you use in them should give off a warm light. But you can also create a different setting through colorful lights behind your headboard. They’ll provide a source of indirect light that gently shines outwards.

However, the alternative decor idea that works best in homes is using string lights on walls and above the headboard. They could have colorful balls, which would create an even more romantic and interesting effect with a hint of dynamism.

You can create certain effects and sensations depending on the colors you choose.

Colorful indirect lighting in the living room

alternative living room

You shouldn’t use a direct light that has a strong color; it could have too strong a visual impact on the room. It could be overpowering and change the essence of the living room. So how can it actually work?

  • Add a hint of warmth or coolness by installing a line-light above, on the ceiling, and hide the base of the light fixtures to create indirect lighting.
  • Or, install small built-in spotlights that focus on a specific spot. If you want, try a blue light or just use warm ones, which work better in any setting.
  • Another interesting idea is using salmon-colored light: it’s not too strong and offers a pleasant mildness. It’s not quite pink and looks very light.

The patio opens a door to colorful light possibilities

alternative patio

If you want to use colorful lights to your patio, string lights are the perfect element for creating a setting that’s different from your home interiors. You can find a wide variety ranging from string lights in different colors or ones that simply use a warm tone.

Whenever it comes to setting the mood for a space like a patio, string lights are always going to be a strong recommendation. They create a light, comfortable and very alternative ambiance. What’s more, their lighting also works perfectly for celebrations.

If you are going to throw a party on your patio, we recommend using string lights.

Lanterns or lamps with colored glass that have an exotic feel are also great options. They’ll give your patio a Bohemian character, making it a space of true relax and comfort.

LED light projector: innovation and creativity

alternative light projector

Let’s not trap ourselves into thinking that what we’ve read so far are the only options. There are many more interesting ideas, like LED light projectors. They offer innovation that’ll break through the norm.

But what is this? It’s a projector that you can install in your yard to project light onto your home. They come in different shapes and can feature moving lights, which produces a very dynamic effect.

These projects are popular in the holidays but more and more, we’re seeing them all-year-round in homes that want something more creative and different. And it’s an exterior decor, making it admirable from the street.

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