Arrangements for Dried Flowers - Options to Consider

Do you like dried flowers? They are a great way to decorate your home and last much longer than fresh flowers. Why not make your own dried flower arrangements?
Arrangements for Dried Flowers - Options to Consider

Last update: 23 March, 2020

Arrangements with dried flowers give us the same choice of combining colors, shapes, sizes, and textures as arrangements made with flowers and other natural vegetables do.

Making arrangements with dried flowers is an easy task to learn, and with a little practice and patience, it gives good decorative results.

General considerations with dried flowers

Brown and yellow dried leaves and flowers

How long they last are one of the most interesting aspects of dried flower arrangements. For this reason, you should be careful when choosing the type of flower.

Another issue to consider is how fragile they are. However, we can use certain tools to solve this possible problem. For example, if a stem breaks, it can be fixed with florist wire.

A silicone gun will also be useful when it comes to making arrangements with dried flowers since it fixes the accessories (small objects, moss, etc.) and also sticks petals together.

Forms and uses

Purple and white flowers

Bouquets and dried flower arrangements are still the ideal arrangements for rustic decorations, or to make a corner or a special room of the house cozier.

Using dry branches such as reeds, slender pine branches without needles or twisted dry roots can adapt arrangements to modern homes and minimalist spaces.

Dry vegetables are also great when decorating any corner of your house. They are ideal decorations in places with little natural light and can be the focal decorative objects in any room.

The most common uses of dried flowers

A bunch of flowers in a flower box

We advise that you decorate your foyer with dried flowers since they usually don’t receive much natural light. We also recommend placing dried flowers on poorly lit window sills.

If you’re going to place the dried flowers in a narrow space in your home, elongate the flower arrangements in a tall container. It will go very well with hazel or willow branches.

Rectangular, round, or triangular arrangements should be put on sideboards or as centerpieces on the appropriate surface. On the side tables, it’s more appropriate to put the dried flowers in small vases.

Decorative ideas for dried flowers

We’re going to give you some ideas that you can use to decorate that corner of your house that you want to give a different touch to.

Eternal roses

In simple arrangements, with just a few roses, or in multicolored compositions, dried roses are always very pretty. Try it for yourself!

Bouquets of dried roses in vases of water, buds used to decorate box lids, roses mixed in potpourri or mixed with other flowers, are arrangements that can be decorations for any corner of the house.

Dried flower topiaries

Dry plants wrapped up in a bow

Cones, ellipses, rectangles, and spheres are some of the shapes that can be used for dried flower topiaries and the designs vary.

For example, you can make a sphere in a conical flowerpot with a natural tone or a pyramid topiary in a flat container. You can choose dried flowers with different colors or flowers of the same color.

If you prefer, you can also replace the flowers with small dry leaves in one or more mixed shades. As you can see, any decorative idea is okay when designing a topiary.

Dried pressed flowers

Pressed flowers in a frame

Pressed flowers allow us to make pictures, cards and decorate various objects. They are very personal decorations that can look lovely.

With paintings, you should use cardboard or fabric as the background in a color that matches the flowers. After drawing the desired composition, arrange the flowers and paste them with a few drops of glue. When the design is dry, frame it with glass.

To make cards, follow the same steps. Be careful to cover the flowers with transparent paper to protect them.

You can also decorate mirror frames with pressed leaves and flowers. Just stick them with silicone and apply a special fixing spray for dried flowers.

Dried flower balls

Balls of dried flowers

Whether they’re hanging from the ceiling, or arranged in baskets, bowls or trays, balls made with dried flowers have great decorative value. They can also be scented and flood any room in the house with breathtaking aromas.

To make them, you need a dry foam ball and dried flowers. The more you insert the flowers, the better the result will be. To hang it, wrap the ball with a satin ribbon, leaving a piece long enough so that it can be hung comfortably.

Do you like the options that we’ve given you? We’d love to know!

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