Decorating with Frames

Need some ideas for decorating with frames? We have plenty to share with you and they'll all very original!
Decorating with Frames

Last update: 22 December, 2019

Aside from showcasing pictures and photos, frames are perfect for pulling together a chic decor. How you use them, hang them, set them up together and the colors, shapes and sizes you use all help create a special decor. Check out our ideas for frames!

Decor ideas with original frames

1. Displaying photos

Decorating frames photos

While frames have always displayed photos, there are different ways you can do it. Here are two different ideas to try.

Take an old or distressed wooden frame and put an old photo in it. This can be a very vintage decor element that you can place in your home entrance or around your headboard in your bedroom.

Or how about this next idea? Hang photos with little clips in your frames. This is perfect for teenage bedrooms. Nail the decor with three different colored frames.

2. Frame objects

decorating frames objects

You can also use frames to highlight different objects – frame feathers, leaves, fabrics, etc. Framed objects look beautiful in any room.

3. Key holder

decorating frames keyholder

Remember that frame with broken glass? Give it a second life. Hang the frame on a wall and attach some hooks to the inner edge. It can be the perfect key holder – you’ll never leave your keys at home again.

4. Desk organizer

decorating frames desk

Have you seen anything more creative? You can make fabric pockets in different sizes to fit into the frame and enjoy the perfect desk assistant. We love the idea here at DecorTips.

5. Keep your jewelry organized

decorating frames jewelry

With a pretty frame and a net or a piece of burlap, you can make the perfect earring holder.

6. Conceptual art

decorating frames conceptual art

Look at what you can do with a beautiful vintage frame, lightbulb, and a branch. Let your imagination soar and frame whatever comes to mind to give your home an original decor.

Decor ideas that work in any room

1. For our romantic readers

decorating frames romantic

Wide wooden frames without glass can house little vases with delicate flowers. They will create beautiful warm decor for your living room.

2. Mixing photos and illustration pieces

decorating frames mix

Make a composition with your favorite photos and illustration pieces. Play with shapes and sizes to cover the wall with style.

3. Drill-free

decorating frames drill free

You can also opt to lean your frames against the wall or on a shelf or piece of furniture. Skip the drilling and hammering process to create more flexible decor that you can change whenever you want.

4. Framing nothing

decorating frames nothing

Yes, you read that right. Use a set of frames with different shapes and paint them the same color or use different colors to accentuate the surrounding decor. Hang them up on your wall with nothing inside. Empty frames look beautiful! They’re great for stairways or bathrooms.

Ideas for your little ones

1. Washi tape

decorating frames washi

Make your own frames. Use different colored washi tape and stick it on the wall to make frames. After, fill them in with your own masterpieces. If you have children, let them take the artistic lead and decorate their rooms.

2. Children’s artwork

decorating frames artwork

Your children’s creations are the most precious works of art. Choose your favorites to frame. Hang them in their room, along the hallway or in your home entrance. They’ll look beautiful there.

Try any of our ideas. We hope they inspired you to make your own framed creations.

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