Amazing Year-Round Door Decorations

Not sure what to do to give your doors a special touch? We have some ideas for you here!
Amazing Year-Round Door Decorations

Last update: 23 December, 2018

Door decorations make any door stand out from the crowd, so it’s good to have ones that you can use year-round. Doors are also one of the most important parts of a home and give you a sense of privacy and security. 

Plus, they’re the first thing your guests see when they arrive, or when they go into the various rooms in your house.

There are even cultures that put decorations on them as a tradition. For example, Jewish people put a small box called a mezuzah on their doors as a reminder of God’s existence.

We often think of door decorations as something for special times of the year, like Christmas. This is a common tradition in English-speaking countries. You might see doors decorated for Halloween in fall, or Christmas in winter.

Today, we want to give you some ideas on how to decorate the doors in your home. If you live in a country where this isn’t a tradition, you’ll stand out with the most beautiful door in the neighborhood. 

Year-round door decorations


These are one of the most common, traditional decorations. They’re especially common around Christmas, with flowers or ornaments on them.

So if you like these kinds of decorations, don’t just put them up around Christmas. Try out less festive styles so that you can have them all year-round.

Or, maybe you like to decorate your house based on the time of year (fall, spring, Easter or Halloween). You could use a wreath to enhance your house decorations at these times of year.

wreath for front door


Mobiles are also a door decoration classic. Ones made with pine cones are very common at Christmas.

But this is about year-round door decorations! One of our favorite ideas is to hang a picture frame with your family’s last name on it. 



These can make for great, modern, year-round door decorations. People love to use vinyl stickers on inside doors because they have all kinds of designs and are super easy to put on. Some people even put them on their fridges.

This is especially good if you just feel like changing your door’s look. The best part of all is that stickers are tough, but you can also take them off whenever you want!

vinyl stickers


We use these to open doors. They’re generally very simple, and we don’t look twice at them. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

A doorknob could actually be the focus. It’s also a simple, tough, easy-to-find decoration for your doors. There are all kinds of sizes and designs and they’re usually made of metal.

There’s a traditional doorknob design in Salamanca, Spain, called the botón charroThese are a symbol of Salamanca and are most often pieces of jewelry. But you also see them in doorways and as door decorations all over the province. 


Door knockers

Door knockers are another one of our favorite year-round door decorations. They have personality and make your door like a unique work of art. They’re easy to find at any locksmith or home improvement store. Plus, if you want something more unique and personal, you can always commission one. 

Door knockers are amazing for wooden doors, and give them a rustic touch.

door knocker

Decorations can make your door into something unique and personal.  Most are super easy to put on and take off whenever you feel like it.