7 Original Ideas to Liven Up Your Home

Looking for ways to bring some life into your home? In our post today, we'll show you some original ideas to try out.
7 Original Ideas to Liven Up Your Home

Last update: 03 June, 2019

You need to think over a few things first if you want to redecorate or liven up your home. First off, you need to think about the decor style and the space layout. Additionally, you could also use other different ways, objects, colors, and texture to give your home some life.

You should think about the following factors to liven up your home:

  • Analyze the colors in your home (cool, warm, vibrant or neutral) and think about the ones that you want to use.
  • Consider the possibility of incorporating some natural decor elements.
  • Check out the current state of your walls.
  • Do you have flowers or any indoor plants? Think about using nature in your home.
  • Check to see if you need new furniture or if we can get new decor items.

Once you’ve mulled over what you think your home needs as well as your personal preferences and home style, you can move on to renovate your rooms, brightening them up. Below, we’ll show you 7 original ideas to do just that.

Original ideas start

Fill your home with life with our ideas

We have some ideas on how to paint your walls and adorn them. In addition, we’ll explain how to use wooden objects or materials and indoor plants in your rooms to liven up your rooms. With our tips, you can start trying these original ideas to liven up your home.

Paint your walls

Light colored walls are ideal to help emphasize natural light. But if you want to add a little personality to your rooms, sometimes you can choose brighter colors for your walls.

1. Use neutral colors with bright ones

If you want, you can use neutral and light colors for your walls and add another on a different wall to create contrast. Paint all your walls white or chalk white, then paint one wall in a bright color (cool or warm) that’ll really wake your setting up. It’ll also create a visual dynamic if your room needs it.

2. Half-painting technique

For a different idea, try the hot half-painting technique. It’s really popular for any room– home entrances, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms alike. Painting halfway is an original idea that’ll fill your home with energy.

Try to choose a light color and a darker one. You can choose contrasting colors or, use two shades of the same color. You should also consider using the darker color for the bottom half of your wall. By painting the bottom half darker, the dark color will “sink” to the bottom, creating a freer feel for your room.

Original idea paint

3. Use vinyl decals or wallpaper

Another way to liven up your walls is by using wallpaper or vinyl decals. Depending on how you have your wall decor items set up, choose a design that’s interesting to you. You can find wallpaper with beautiful patterns or decals with geometric shapes, abstract or natural patterns.

Incorporate wooden objects into your design

Any element that has some kind of contemporary or unique detail can revive the nooks and crannies of your home. Using light wooden furniture or decor pieces is a great option. These pieces are natural materials, so they’ll bring life and warmth into your home.

4. Install a wooden swing

A lovely, original idea is using a small wooden swing in your home. You could even make it yourself with a recycled wooden board along with some thick jute. Try hanging a hammock, making sure that it’s safe, from your ceiling. Look for the perfect spot for your swing in your home. It’d be great in spacious homes with high ceilings.

5. Decorative wooden stairs

Decorative stairs are trendy in interior design and you can use them as a decorative piece to hang adornments. This simple wooden accessory can liven up your home and give it some originality.

Use plants and flowers

Original ideas plants to liven up

If you need a little nature, green and other colors in your home, using plants and flowers could be your best option. They can add life and spruce up the boring spots.

6. Big pots

You can use large pots with big, leafy green plants in your home entrance. They’ll properly present a home that’s full of life and nature. On a further note, try keeping them in a corner of your entrance to keep them from getting in the way as you enter and leave your home.

7. Pots with flowers

Another lovely idea consists of picking out jars to use as beautiful flower vases. Decorate your shelves, bookcases, and tables with these flowery jars that are full of color.

As you’ve read with us today, there are plenty of great, original ideas for livening up your home. Some of them will require a couple of materials while others will need more time and money. Analyze your home and try out these ideas to create a bright ambiance.