6 Awesome Ideas for Using Books in Your Decor

Using books in your decor isn't a crazy idea-- especially if you have a lot of them and have no idea what to do with them. Give them a worthy spot in your home and make them your showpieces!
6 Awesome Ideas for Using Books in Your Decor

Last update: 12 December, 2018

If you love literature and have a lot of books at home, you might not really know what to do with them. They take up so much space!

The good news is that they still have a use after you’ve enjoyed them; try them in your decor. Having a huge collection of books doesn’t have to mean hoarding. Keep them with style! We’ll explain more about it in our post today.

Ideas for using your books in decor

It’s inevitable… Every time you pass a bookstore, you automatically enter and leave with more books for your collection. You might feel content with your purchase until you get home where you realize that you don’t have any space for more books!

That’s when you start arguing with yourself, trying to decide between whether you should donate, give them away, pack some away in boxes or just stop buying books altogether. While the latter might be a plausible temporary solution, we suggest using books in your home decor. Check out these ideas:

1. Fill your walls with bookshelves

This is hands-down a dream-come-true idea for any book lover. It’s like having a personal library at home where we can find out favorite selections and find others that we haven’t read yet.

book decor library personal

Contrary to what most people might think, you don’t need to have an enormous room nor a lot of money to fill your shelves; you just need some creativity. Some people use pallets, fruit crates or install their shelves at varying heights.

Leaving a little empty space on your wall for a sofa is a great idea. Then, you’ll be all set for when you want to relax and read a little.

2. Books that go with the setting

Are you a nut for sci-fi, or maybe you prefer cookbooks more? Or you might have a lot of gardening books, or books in your professional sector, at home. If that’s the case, instead of lumping all of them together wherever you have space, we suggest separating them throughout your rooms.

To give you an example: put sci-fi books in the bedroom, cookbooks in the kitchen, gardening ones on the terrace, legal ones in the study… By separating them, they will be where you need them and won’t take up so much space.

3. Underneath the staircase

You can put your book decor wherever you want. An excellent idea is using them in dead spaces to dress them up a little. The space underneath the staircase is always a big question mark… So, what about making it into a library?

Book decor dead space

Place bookshelves on the floor and follow the form of your steps. By using shelves here, you could store all your books while freeing up other vital space.

4. Book shelves…literally

You don’t have to use a bookcase because they can become their own shelf. Using books as shelves is a pretty trendy decor and it’s simple to do because you just need two shelf brackets.

Install them on a wall so that you can use a big book as a board in between them. Pile the rest of your books on top to create a stack of books. Be careful to not use too much weight on your shelf brackets. You can install various stacks on the same wall.

5. Nightstand

Going off the same idea as our previous one — except not making holes in the walls — you can make a library-nightstand that’s super original. All you need to do is grab a couple of big books and stack them, bigger ones on the bottom and using the smaller ones on top.

Book decor nightstand

Once your stack is as tall as you’d like your nightstand to be, place a board or another surface element on top. Then place your lamp, alarm clock or whatever you use frequently on top.

6. Under the bed

You can use books in any place that you can think of. When we suggest keeping under the bed, we don’t mean storing them away in boxes; rather, we want to showcase them. Set up your bed-frame in a way that uses the space between the floor and the mattress as a shelf to keep books. It’ll look really special and allow you to enjoy reading as you’re lying down in bed.

As you’ve read with us today, there are lots of ways to use books in your decor… It’s just a question of letting your imagination wild and making the most of space!