5 Must-Have Items for Your Summer Terrace

With these five must-have items, you'll be able to create the perfect summer terrace.
5 Must-Have Items for Your Summer Terrace

Last update: 28 January, 2021

When it comes to decorating your home, terraces should be treated just like any other room. While the size of your terrace will undoubtedly have an impact on the furniture and decorations you can include, no summer terrace, big or small, would be complete without these five must-have items.

Must have items for your summer terrace

1. Decorating your summer terrace: plants

Decorate your terrace with plants.

No terrace would be complete without some nice plants and flowers. Even just a couple can bring so much joy and color.

You can arrange your plants and flowers how you like. If your terrace is a little on the small side, we advise using wall planters. These will allow you to decorate your terrace without taking up any floor space.

When it comes to decorating small terraces, another option is to use climbing plants, which, like wall planters, will help decorate the walls without taking up much room.

You could even buy artificial climbing plants. This option will allow you to create a welcoming and natural-feel, without the issue of having to remember to water your plants.

2. Terrace lighting

Fairy lights.

Lighting is essential for your terrace. Just like any room, terraces need to be well-lit so you can stay out late into the night.

When it comes to choosing the lighting for your terrace, there are lots of great options, from fairy lights to wall lights, and even floor lights. The option you choose will depend on the type of environment you want to create.

3. Summer terrace furniture: dining area


Having an area where you can sit down and enjoy a meal with family and friends is another must-have feature for terraces. Just like decorating with plants, the area you create will depend on the size of your terrace.

If you have a large terrace, you can have a table and dining room chairs, as well as a small area with armchairs, where you can sit back, relax, enjoy a good book or listen to music.

If you decide to incorporate this second “leisure” area, you can also add a small coffee table, where you can put things such as candles, a book, or a drink. The most common materials for this kind of terrace furniture are wicker and rattan.

If you have enough space, another good option is to have a minibar next to your dining room area. This means you can have everything on hand when you need it, and you won’t have to keep going back and forth to the house every time you need a drink.

If, on the other hand, your terrace is too small for all this, you can combine these two areas into one, using the same table and chair set for everything.

4. An awning or pergola

Tipos de pérgola bioclimática.

Protecting yourself from the sun is really important for your health, and an essential aspect to keep in mind if you have a terrace. Awnings and pergolas are the perfect solutions for any terrace. As well as protecting you from UV rays, they’ll also give you some relief from the summer heat.

Awnings are the simpler and less expensive option, although they are less hard-wearing than pergolas. If you have a large terrace, we recommend buying a bioclimatic pergola, which will allow you to enjoy your terrace all year round.

When it comes to deciding between an awning and a pergola, it’s important to think about which will go best with the style of your house and terrace. Choosing clashing styles could spoil the overall aesthetic.

5. A barbecue

When people imagine having a barbecue out in their garden or terrace, they often think it has to be huge. As a result, people with small terraces often dismiss the idea immediately.

Nowadays, however, there’s no need to miss out. Barbecues come in all different shapes and sizes. You can even buy portable barbecues, which are a great option for small terraces.

Again, the barbecue you choose will depend on your own personal needs and the size of the terrace. All th at matters is that you’ll be able to enjoy a summer barbecue out on your terrace.

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