Make your Own Backyard Barbecue Area

Make a barbecue area in your backyard to convert it into a space where you can kick back, fire up the grill and invite your friends.
Make your Own Backyard Barbecue Area

Last update: 12 February, 2019

Interior and exterior spaces make up a home. Too often, we only focus on our interior rooms– but what about our exteriors? Make your own backyard barbecue area and enjoy great meals outdoors.

Your backyard can be the perfect spot to cook up a feast for celebrations, family gatherings or just a hang-out with friends. It’s actually the perfect excuse to have everyone meet up at your house.

A good barbecue area is easy to set up and can change your backyard. It’ll add more dynamics to your space and even decorate it. Your barbecuing area will be another useful add-on to your home, especially in the summer.

Materials for a backyard barbecue area

backyard barbecue 1

While you’re barbecuing, you need your basics within arm’s reach. Once your barbecue structure is ready, move on to the outer decor.

First and foremost, pick the best area for your barbecue area. Keep it away from plants and your home, principally to prevent the smoke and smells from being a problem. There are two kinds of grills available:

  • The first is a closed structure that’s made with bricks or stones, designed to prevent accidents and loose embers. This grill is fixed in place.
  • The other option is a metal, table-like grill that stands on four legs. It’s movable, allowing you to change its placement whenever you want.

Having a backyard barbecue area will give your home a lot of possibilities. 

Fixed brick grill

backyard barbecue 2

Here’s a great idea: build your grill with bricks and cement. First, make a stilted structure that can safely hold the embers.

  • Try building the grill on a side or in a corner of your backyard. Avoid setting it up in the middle, making it the centerpiece of your backyard. Remember that it’s just an add-on.
  • Installing a tube that works like a chimney is a good idea. It’ll help smoke escape evenly.
  • Next to your grill, you could also make a brick oven, equipping the area with two cooking structures.
  • You can also include storage compartments to keep pots, fry pans, bowls, trays, etc.
  • A barbecue zone should primarily serve its original purpose, offering the basics to enjoy a good barbecue.
  • You can also put a roof over the area. We recommend metal, but wood can also work.

Metal grill

Metal grills are another widely-used option. They’re not fixed in place, making them practical and easier to use. You can move or remove them whenever needed.

  • They have four legs that support a structure, which holds the grill. Sometimes, they include lower storage compartments.
  • Some grills have a lid that works like a chimney. At the same time, they also keep embers hot. Thanks to the lid, the smoke is directed away.
  • Some models feature wheels, allowing them to move like carts.
  • There is a wide range of models and varieties. You can even find a basic, four-legged grill with a lid. It looks quite similar to a kitchen pot.

How can you decorate your barbecue area?

backyard barbecue 4

Feel free to use accessories to decorate your barbecue area. However, remember that it should first and foremost serve for its original purpose.

For decor, you can look for special designs in the metal structures, especially in the chimneys or hoods. In addition, you can use colors or patterns to your space, like glazed ceramics.

Or, you can also paint the outside of your grill. Just keep in mind that smoke can deteriorate its appearance. With good planning, your barbecue area can make a beautiful, dynamic change in your backyard.