Decor Tips: how to Train your Climbing Plants

Do you have climbing plants, but you're not sure how to train them? In this article, we'll give you some advice and ideas on how to do it.
Decor Tips: how to Train your Climbing Plants

Last update: 27 November, 2018

Climbing plants, also known as vines or creepers, are plants which can cling on to different surfaces. You can get them to climb vertically up almost any surface you want. Plus, they can cover, protect and decorate the outside of your house.

Sometimes climbing plants can get out of control and outgrow the surface you originally intended them to grow on. That’s why it’s important to know how to train them so that they grow just where you want them. So, in this article, we’ll give you some advice on how to do it.

How to train your climbing plants

You can grow climbing plants on walls outside or even inside your home. In general, we see them on terraces, in gardens or up patio walls. But they can also grow on interior walls inside our homes. First, you should choose a suitable surface where they will get plenty of light throughout the day.

Tie your climbing plants to a support to help them grow properly.

If you want to train your climbing plants, they will require some kind of support to grow on. This gives them structure so that they can easily grow up your chosen surface. Next, we’ll show you some practical and beautiful supports that you can use to train your climbing plants.

Wooden canes

Wooden canes are one of the most common supports used to train climbing plants. Take a wooden cane and tie your plant to it. When it starts to grow, it will wrap itself around the wooden cane. Then you can attach the cane to the surface you want your climbing plant to grow on. Tie the cane to your wall with thread to keep it steady.

Plus, if you want to, you could also tie several pieces of thread to the wall, to give your plant an even clearer guide. That way, it will grow in a relatively straight line and will know where to go.

Cane plant supports

There is a huge variety of cane supports to help train your plants. You can attach them to both exterior and interior walls. There are lots of unique and interesting designs, especially when it comes to interior supports.

There are many different types of support to help you train your climbing plants.

You can find circular, triangular, square and many other shapes of cane supports. Your vines will cling on to them and grow in a more interesting and dynamic way.  Plus, some of these supports are really beautiful, so they both train your plants and decorate your home. Choose the shape that you like best and see how great it looks.

Flowerpots and cane supports

There are also lots of cane supports which come with an integrated flower pot. You can buy them together or separately. These flower pots are usually large and made of strong, hard-wearing material. Simply plant your vines and place the pot near the wall along with the cane support.

This is a really popular option for patios and terraces and they are even used as a way to separate outdoor areas.

Wire lines

Another great alternative is to use wires to create vertical lines that run up the walls of your house. This is a great option if your house has a high roof. Place the wires equidistant apart and attach them so that they run from the roof to the ground.

Try to prune your vines regularly and make sure you give them the care they need. This will ensure that they stay healthy and that they keep growing along their designated wires instead of entwining around one another. This is a great alternative way to decorate the facade of your house.

Use wires to help train your climbing plants.

Interesting supports

There is one other interesting alternative for training plants. Once your plant is big enough, you can attach it to an iron support on the ground.

There are cone-shaped iron supports that you can place on the ground or over your flower pots. They are ideal for training climbing plants and will give your garden an interesting and original look. Give it a try, and you could soon have a beautiful trellis covered with vines.

You can choose the method that you like best or the one you find easiest. It’s important to train these plants, as they grow quickly, searching for light and a surface to cling onto. If you don’t train them, they’ll just keep searching for sunlight and will spread over the entire surface of your house.

So, by using interesting supports to train your plants, you’ll be able to create beautiful green spaces in your home.

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