5 Great Ideas for Decorating with Poinsettias

If you’re a fan of poinsettias, read on. We’ll teach you how to take care of them and make them a vibrant part of your home decor all year round.
5 Great Ideas for Decorating with Poinsettias

Last update: 20 February, 2021

Decorating with poinsettias, sometimes known as Christmas flowers, offers many possibilities for giving your house a touch of Christmas year-round. They’re a winter plant and the most common are the red poinsettias, although you can also find them in white or pink.

Here we show you some great ideas to give the different corners of your house a touch of natural beauty, and some tips to keep these plants colorful throughout the year. Ready?

Where do poinsettias come from?

Poinsettia arrangement.

This plant has its origins in the south of Mexico, a tropical area full of exuberant natural color. Its original name was Cuetlaxochitl, which means “fire-colored flower” in Nahuatl. It was not until 1834 that it got its scientific name: Euphorbia pulcherrima.

It’s believed that Moctezuma, the great Mexican tlatoani, fell in love with the beautiful flower when he first saw it. He took it to the gardens of the Tenochtitlan palace for the priests to use it in their rites, and for medicinal purposes.

Years later when the Spanish conquerors arrived, the Franciscan monks used it to decorate altars and churches. They decided to call it the Christmas Eve flower because it blooms at Christmas time.

In 1825, Joel Roberts Poinsett became the first North American diplomat in Mexico and his fondness for botany led him to discover this particular plant. He was captivated by its colors and decided to send several specimens to the United States. After this, it was named poinsettia in his honor.

The different colors of poinsettia

There are about 300 varieties of the flower, so just imagine how many different color combinations exist. The most common are red, white, ivory, and pink and the most popular varieties are Freedom, Cortez, Lemon Snow, Sonora, Peterstar, Da Vinci, Millenium, Galactica, Red Diamond, and Silverstar.

Decorating with poinsettias – basic care

Christmas with poinsettias.

These plants are delicate. If you take good care of them, you can keep them bright throughout the year; otherwise, you’ll notice that they start to wilt after the holidays. Something you should keep in mind is that they are deadly for cats, so forget about them if you have a feline at home.

  • Keep them away from breezes.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • They need humidity so try to water them twice a week.
  • Don’t spray them with water; this can cause spots to appear on their leaves.
  • In February or March, the leaves recover their green color. This is the time to prune them – leave them about 8 inches tall. You’ll see sprouts begin to appear in a few weeks.
  • They need fertilizer in February to help them grow, and another special fertilizer in autumn to help them flower.

Great ideas for decorating with poinsettias

  • Under the Christmas tree: place a few pots of poinsettias mixed in with the gifts. If you can coordinate the colors of the flowers with the wrapping paper and tree ornaments, the arrangement can look gorgeous.
  • A brightly lit corner: you’ll love how the lighter-colored plants look in small pots surrounded by garlands of light. You can hang them from a hook or make an enchanting centerpiece.
  • Original flower pots: find a way to make them even more eye-catching. Instead of using a typical flower pot, use a basket, a boot, a suitcase… check out these ideas on Pinterest.
  • Leave some out for Santa: a few days before Christmas, cut some flowers—or use artificial ones—and put them in Christmas stockings.
  • Decorate the dinner table: for Christmas dinner, put a ribbon the same color as the flower around each guest’s plate and include a bouquet as part of your table decoration.

So now you have an idea of all you can do when decorating with poinsettias! From beautiful table ornaments to lively decorations to fill your home’s corners with light and warmth.

And of course, don’t forget about their beautiful, colorful leaves, which can be enjoyed all year round. If you learn to take care of them, your poinsettias won’t be just for Christmas.

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