2 Cheap Tricks to Easily Update Your Home

It's not always necessary to remodel your house to make a change. With these tips you can easily update your home. 
2 Cheap Tricks to Easily Update Your Home

Last update: 28 January, 2021

We know that it is usually complicated and expensive to renovate a house. You never know when you’ll get around to it. Something always comes up or maybe you’re just too lazy to update your home.

2 tricks to easily update your home


But it’s not always necessary to make major changes to your home to update it. You don’t need a million dollars to make it look good. Making small changes can make the house look totally different. 

Today’s post will give you a couple of ways to easily update your home. You won’t have to add partitions, tear up floors or replace doors. Your imagination and creativity will be enough.

Update your textiles

Updating the textiles in your home will make it look totally different. Textiles add an incredible amount to the decor of a house. They are in every room. The bedroom, the living room, the bathroom, etc.  If you decide to change them, it will also change the look of your house.

You can play with color here. You can choose more subtle colors, brighter colors or pastels. Without a doubt, this is one of the most economical changes you can make.

In the bedroom, for example, you can update your bedding. You can start with a new duvet cover and a new set of sheets. Who doesn’t like new sheets? Choose a color that is totally different from the one you had. But, make sure it goes well with the other items in the room.

You could also add some new cushions and pillows. If you opt for a white duvet cover, new pillows can offer the bed a pop of color. While you’re changing the bedding, you can also change the bedding accessories.

Another idea is to update the curtains in the bedroom and in the rest of the rooms. This will substantially change the look of your home. Choose a different type of window covering. If you had blinds, try long curtains and vice versa.

You can also change several things in the bathroom. Different towels can change the tone of this room.

Choose a color that matches well with the rest of the decor! With this simple change, you can make a significant change in each room.

Bedroom textiles

Introduce a new color

Another great idea that will undoubtedly update your home is to paint it. You can choose a color that is very different from the one you already have if you want a drastic change. Just call a trusted professional to do the job and there you have it!

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on professional painting, you can do it yourself. You will be able to find all the supplies you need at your local hardware store. The Do-It-Yourself movement is booming right now. You can easily find all kinds of ideas to make your project easier. Why not give it a shot?

In those rooms where you like the color, the change can be minor. You can put a different color on just one wall of the room.

For example, in the bedroom, you can paint the wall behind the headboard. In the living room, you can paint the wall where the main sofa sits. Of course, choose a color that matches well with the color already on the walls. But, we recommend that you are brave and take a risk. You won’t regret it!

Another great option is to use wallpaper. It is relatively easy to apply and will bring a dynamic element to your home. You can find a great range of wallpaper on the market that is very affordable.

For the rooms that have tiles, like the kitchen and bathroom, there are also things you can change without spending a lot. Instead of removing all the tiles, there is special paint for tiles that you can use to cover and change them. It’s fast, beautiful, cheap and leaves a spectacular result.

Contemporary paintings for the living room

Paint the doors

This is without a doubt one of the ideas we like the most. Painting the doors rather than making bigger changes in the house is a popular trend. Go beyond standard wood, white or beige doors. We absolutely love this trend!

If your doors are made of pine or oak, you can lacquer them and paint them a different color. Although very common, white is still one of the best options for doors since it brings a sense of light and space. 

If you want to take a little more risk, something that is becoming more popular in houses with neutral tones is blue doors. Yes, blue. This gives the home an Ibizan quality that will bring a lot of charm to your home. It can also add a lot to the decor.

You can also update handles and knobs. Doing this with your cupboards, drawers, and doors is something small that can make a big difference. If you don’t want them to stand out, choose small, subtle handles. Steel is the most common material for these. If you want something different, other good options are leather, aluminum or copper.

Add vinyl tiles

Vinyl is something that you see in almost every house. It adds a very special touch to walls and doors. Vinyl goes well in children’s rooms, the living room or even the master bedroom. It is important to know what you’re trying to create with it. If you want something a little more abstract like a message or a drawing, vinyl is perfect. It will definitely help to change the feel and update your home.

Decorative vinyl on the wall

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be expensive to update your home. With these tricks, the changes will be easy, fast and effective. 

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