Prefab Backyard Sheds

If you need something different for your home, a prefab shed might be just the answer for you.
Prefab Backyard Sheds

Last update: 21 February, 2019

If you need more space at home and remodeling isn’t an option, we’d like to introduce you to prefab backyard sheds. They could be your solution for creating separate areas, extra rooms or storage space.

If you have a large backyard as well as a budget that you were going to use for remodeling, you could chose a prefab shed instead. There are many reasons why adding an additional, separate space to your home could be a great idea:

  • Space away from your big family; a space that offers more privacy where you can work on your tasks or enjoy quiet time.
  • Office or project workshop
  • Playroom for your kids
  • Place to receive and lodge guests
  • Home gym
  • Backyard living room
  • Storage room for garden or construction tools
prefab shed 1

Advantages of having a shed

By adding a prefab shed to your backyard, you could create an extra room for your home. You could use it for whatever you want, decorating it as you please with different elements. Additionally, you can organize and clean it easily thanks to its smaller size.

The important thing to keep in mind when choosing your prefab shed is making sure that it offers a solution for your needs; it should give you something that your main home can’t. Below, we’ll explain more about the types of prefab sheds that you can find these days.

Types of prefab sheds

As you might find, there’s a large variety of prefab sheds for backyards. You should think about your main home’s style as well as your backyard decor before choosing a shed. Try to match your home and avoid creating visual clashes.

You can find sheds in many styles like rustic cabins, modern, classical, minimalist, contemporary and many more. Additionally, you could even custom-order your shed. There are also cubical sheds or ones with extravagant structures. Or, sheds with small mezzanine floors, sliding doors, big windows or sturdy materials that are eco-friendly.

Prefab sheds for living

If you’re planning on using your prefab shed as a home or a guest house, make sure to think about the basics first. It can’t be too small; try to look for good options that fit your budget and backyard space. You’ll need space for at least one mezzanine level for a small sofa and sofa-bed.

Your shed will need windows that let in plenty of natural light as well as a good ventilation system because it’s a smaller area. If necessary, consider a small kitchen to give your guests more comfort and independence.

Prefab shed 2

Open prefab sheds

Another interesting option that’s available are cube-like sheds. They’re a living space meant to expand on your home like a backyard living room. These sheds are partially closed and are perfect for pools or a garden.

You could relax with nice sofas and other furniture pieces on a beautiful summer day. Some prefab sheds feature glass sliding doors, protecting the interiors from rainy days.

Look for a good place for a shed for your home, taking measurements and consulting an architect if necessary. We recommend installing your shed in the corner of your backyard as it would become an obstruction if it were in the center.

Connect your main home to the shed with a beautiful garden path if necessary. Enjoy your shed with your friends, family, alone, on rainy or summer days, at lunch and dinner or for special occasions.

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