Decorative Terrariums: 5 Types for your Home

There are various different styles of terrariums. Create your own and design beautiful gardens in these glass containers. Decorate your home with originality and touches of nature.
Decorative Terrariums: 5 Types for your Home

Last update: 15 December, 2018

Terrariums are small gardens with different types of plants placed in the same container. In general, these are used inside houses, on patios, or terraces. Next, we’ll show you some decorative terrariums that you can create yourself to decorate your home.

Besides decoration, these creations bring a feeling of freshness and nature to your home. With a few elements and some small species of plants, you can make beautiful, decorative terrariums.

In addition, cacti and succulents are the most common species to make these “mini gardens.” This is because they go together well and require similar care. We’ll show you different types of terrariums to decorate all the spaces of your home.

Decorative terrariums

There is a wide variety of terrariums that you can make for your home. You can choose from desert, tropical, or aquatic. Depending on the species of plant and the style you want to generate, you can create various types.

Terrariums are a unique way of bringing nature inside.

Terrarium styles

Desert terrariums can be a great choice if you like cacti and a “dry” aesthetic. You can create beautiful terrariums with cactus and other desert species. Try incorporating sand and stones of different colors to give a little contrast.

On the other hand, tropical terrariums require more water. Therefore, you should use plants that need similar amounts of moisture. In addition, this type of terrarium stands out for being very green and will add pops of color to your home.

Types of terrariums

Once you’ve chosen the style you like, you can then start making them. You can choose a container that you like and then put beautiful plants inside. We recommend that you use glass vases or containers. Then you can see the entire terrarium with its textures, plants, and colors.

Here are some ideas! Choose the one you like the best and use decorative terrariums to give style to your home.

Glass terrariums are a good option for decorative terrariums.

1. Terrariums made from glasses

You can create small terrariums from glasses. If you have some that you’re not using anymore, turn them into beautiful terrariums. You can create several mini gardens with small succulents, stones, soil, and sand.

2. Glass domes

Glass domes can add to the decoration in your home. Create beautiful terrariums in small planters. Then, place a dome on top. Use moss, stones, or even some fantasy elements. This way, you can create a small magical garden inside a glass dome.

3. A forest in a fish tank

A glass tank is also a popular choice for a fun terrarium. You can build a small forest inside. Use medium-sized stones and add various plant species. With moss and other small plants, you can create a beautiful terrarium with different heights.

4. Small terrariums in light bulbs

You can also recycle light bulbs to create mini decorative terrariums. First, clean them and remove all their contents. Then, you can create a small desert garden or a tropical or aquatic garden inside.

5. Hanging terrariums

One way to create decorative terrariums is to hang them.

There are various containers specifically designed to create hanging terrariums. You can find them at a local store in a variety of shapes, such as geometric designs for example. Choose the one you like the most or combine several different shapes. Hang them close to a window to give them a lot of natural light.

Where can I put them?

Finally, you can place these beautiful decorative terrariums in the corners of your home. In addition, you can use them as centerpieces or put them on coffee tables or dining room or kitchen tables. You can also place them on a stool in the bathroom or on a balcony.

Don’t be afraid to decorate various spaces in your home with these beautiful original ideas!