A Circular Vegetable Fiber Bed for Your Garden

Circular vegetable fiber beds are a great option to design and decorate gardens in a sustainable way. And they’re a great place to relax and share special moments.
A Circular Vegetable Fiber Bed for Your Garden

Last update: 21 February, 2021

Having an attractive garden for sunny days is something special in any home and it makes a great area for relaxing. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to include features that provide comfort. Let’s take a look at a great option – a circular vegetable fiber bed.

Usually people have things like chairs and tables, and maybe a barbecue area for special occasions, in their gardens. What about an area of the garden set up for leisure and rest time? This is easy to arrange; you just have to know what’s needed.

There’s nothing better than having a home that you feel comfortable in, and that has all the elements to create a sense of calm and tranquility. Key to this, of course, are the decoration and furnishings.

What are vegetable fibers?

A wicker basket.

You’ve probably sat in a chair made of vegetable fibers many times without realizing it.  It’s in fashion at the moment and can be found in more and more homes. As a material of vegetable origin, it has a natural feel. It’s useful for contemporary designs and adapts very well to any type of decorative style.

Examples include wicker and rattan chairs, bamboo sofas, etc. Different types of vegetable fiber have different qualities and appearances; moreover, they can be treated synthetically and are thus very durable.

A material that’s become very popular in the world of decoration.

Characteristics of circular vegetable fiber beds

Firstly, among the most relevant features of this piece of furniture is that its appearance and design are attractive in a space like a garden. Let’s take a closer look:

  • The idea is actually very original. Basically, it’s a large seat, but different from the types that are more common indoors. Sofas are usually straight and low, while these are anything but.
  • The circular shape of the bed energizes the environment and invites you to lounge on it. The feeling it conveys is of a unique experience; that is, given that furniture like this is uncommon in gardens, it stands out and really grabs your attention.
  • Obviously, you’re not going to use it to sleep in at night. In fact, it’ll probably be used sporadically and for short periods of time; for example for a nap, as a reading area, for relaxation time, etc.
  • There are different types: ones that are practically spherical with an open entry point, to those that are completely open with a simple folding sunshade. In a big garden furniture store you’ll find a great variety; it’s all a question of applying good taste and choosing what best suits your garden.

Good places to put them

A vegetable fiber bed with sunshade.

Any area of the garden can work, but you’ll need to create a calm environment around the bed and not set it up just anywhere. The most important thing is to make a place where the bed can fit in naturally and that transmits comfort and peacefulness.

You can put it in a lawn area, next to the pool, in a chill-out area, a communal area for get-togethers, etc. Again, it’s a question of using your imagination and turning this circular bed into an intriguing addition to your outdoor decor.

Keep in mind that it will be a feature, hence the importance of thinking carefully about where to put it so that it blends in with your plants and greenery. You can get inspiration from traditional Balinese beds.

The circular vegetable fiber bed – it’s time to free your mind and relax

Everybody lives with some stress, fatigue, or mental overload. Home decor that emphasizes comfort and relaxation can have important psychological benefits.

Feeling comfortable is very important for our well-being. For this reason, interior design and its component elements should provide that homey and healthy environment which makes us feel happy and, above all, at ease.

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