Terrace to Chill Out Area in Five Steps

If you feel like relaxing, there's nothing better than creating a chill-out area on your terrace. Find out how to do it!
Terrace to Chill Out Area in Five Steps

Last update: 01 December, 2020

If you have a terrace, you have a treasure, especially in the summer. It’s the perfect time to take full advantage of it, to enjoy it, and to turn it into that magical place capable of making you feel like you’re on vacation in your own home. Therefore, here are some ideas to transform your terrace into a chill-out area.

With the right decor elements and a little bit of that special and personal touch you have, you’ll see how beautiful it’ll look. So much so, you won’t ever want to leave it. So, are you ready?

You too can have a chill-out area at home

A chill-out area on the roof.

What’s your idea of chilling out? This term is usually associated with summer nights, being on the beach, or in charming places that make you relax. And a chill-out area is precisely that – an area designed to connect you with relaxation. That space of calmness where you can be at ease and leave your worries behind for a moment.

Having a specific place at home dedicated to relaxation and well-being is fundamental to achieve emotional balance and to give time to self-care. The good news is you can also have a chill-out area at home on a low budget and, we suggest placing it outside so you can enjoy that beautiful terrace you have.

This is how you can do it

A roof garden and seating area.

Protect yourself from the sun

If your terrace gets full sun, don’t hesitate to put up an awning, umbrella, pergola, or anything else that’ll help protect you. This way, you’ll be able to use it in the mornings too.

It’s one of the most expensive investments you can make, but in the long run, the most profitable because you can protect your furniture from the sun, which extends their life, and make more use of this space.

Choose the right colors and materials

For any outdoor area, whether a terrace, garden, or balcony, we recommend you choose outdoor furniture. Keep in mind that extreme weather conditions, such as intense heat, rain, wind, etc., can make them wear more easily and it’s better to use items made for this purpose.

As for the colors, although it’ll depend on your taste, we advise using a neutral base for the furniture and adding splashes of color to make it more welcoming.

Fabrics will play a very important role because they tie together the look and are very low-cost. Choose earthy tones such as beige or even a muted green that connects with the feeling of calm. Furthermore, add some cushions with vibrant prints.

Try using a bench with some storage space or another piece of furniture to keep your pillows in overnight. This way, everything will last longer and you’ll always have everything looking perfect. However, if you don’t have space, keep them inside the house, in a closet.

A small chill-out area on a balcony.

Add a touch of nature

Plants connect you with nature and are capable of relaxing anyone. Don’t hesitate to reserve a space for them and if you can have real flowers, so much the better. Some flowers, like jasmine, give an intoxicating aroma on summer nights, and their branches are perfect for a little intimacy.

Small plants can help create extra shady areas. Furthermore, if you like gardening, you can keep them year-round and propagate them by planting cuttings or seeds. Isn’t that great?

Movie-like lighting for your chill-out area

LED lights are a great idea to add extra lighting to your chill-out area. They’re budget-friendly and, as if that weren’t enough, they’re environmentally friendly too. In addition, some work with a solar battery and that makes them a low cost option.

A ceiling lamp, an LED strip, a lantern, and a few candles will make it so you have a lot of light of different intensities which will create a very relaxing atmosphere. Furthermore, check out all the exterior lighting options you have at Ikea.

Have you seen how easy and affordable it is to create your own chill-out area? You don’t need too much space or too much money, just good planning and some key elements.

If you add some blankets, during the winter you can also enjoy this space when the weather allows it. Who said that terraces are just for summer?

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