Decorating with Plants - A Pleasant Green Touch

Plants are another decor item you can use in your home. They'll add a pleasant green touch, contribute to the aesthetics and harmonize your entire home.
Decorating with Plants - A Pleasant Green Touch

Last update: 24 October, 2020

Decorating with plants will add a green touch to your home that’ll be pleasing to the eye and will help create a much calmer, peaceful, and quiet environment.

Usually, decorating rooms comes down to using items that go well with everything. Instead of resorting to the typical objects you might usually find in houses, why not use other ideas to make the rooms more dynamic?

Being original means looking for innovative inspiration. You can find some of this in tropical plants. So, by applying some simple and basic principles, you’ll be able to create a unique space.

Why does the home need a green touch?

Some potted plants in a room.

Including vegetation indoors provides different benefits. Many people are reluctant to choose this decor item. This is basically due to the weekly care plants require. Even so, there are species that require hardly any watering.

Aesthetically plants go well with any decor style. They provide peace and, also, don’t create tension for the rest of the items in a room.

However, if you know exactly why you need a green touch in your home, there’s no doubt they’re in good hands. Plants have a lot to say and lighten the mood of the room they’re in, which is why they’re also used in public places, offices, common areas, entrance halls, etc.

Plants are a good choice to improve the aesthetics of the house.

Plant decor ideas

A living room full of plants.

So far it’s clear that plants are a good addition, but do you really know how to arrange them at home? It’s not just about placing them everywhere randomly. In fact, you must establish personal criteria.

  1. You have two options: the plant can be placed in a secondary place and, therefore, not be prominent and just be a complement; or, be an attractive centerpiece by choosing a rare and original species.
  2. They’re best for those empty gaps: in the corners of the room, either on the floor or on a pedestal, also on shelves or on the floor itself. The point is they should be placed at specific meaningful points.
  3. Don’t go overboard. Ideally, you want to choose types that favor the environment and create a relaxed mood. They should be in the background, like small brushstrokes that relate harmoniously to the rest of the items.
  4. They can be elevated or at ground level. In the first case, they’ll acquire greater aesthetic recognition and, therefore, will be more attractive; as for the second case, they may go unnoticed.
  5. You yourself should decide whether they should play a more prominent role in the home. However, adding a green touch will provide feelings of temperance and hope, hence the importance of using plants in decoration.

Adding a green touch to your patio

A tiled patio with a touch of green.

Plants are great for outdoor patios. Being outdoors, they’re better maintained and give a green touch to a part of the house that, in reality, doesn’t receive much detailed attention at the decor level.

If you carefully analyze what meaning they have here, they serve as a link with nature outside. Andalusian patios are very inspirational, where numerous pots with vegetables are placed on surfaces.

You can also use planters, which will allow you to plant all kinds of species and place them on the ground or on shelves to get a more interesting optimal effect.

A green touch full of sensations

A bookshelf mixing books and plants.

As previously stated, the aesthetic contribution is really obvious but, also, plants provide feelings of calmness, tranquility, and peace.

Undoubtedly, your house must be a comfortable place where you feel fully at home. For this reason, plants also offer freshness thanks to the greenness of their leaves. In this way, you’re incorporating a piece of nature into the home.

In short, using plants is a way to purify the atmosphere, both at decor level and for the air you breathe.


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