6 Garden Trends for 2018

Great exterior decor can turn your garden into the best place to spend your time relaxing at home. Keep reading to learn about 2018's garden trends.
6 Garden Trends for 2018

Last update: 03 November, 2018

Your garden can be a huge compliment to your home. It’s the ideal place to rest and relax while sharing fond moments with friends and family.

Many interior designers consider the garden as an area which we should give the same importance to as the rest of the home. It should be just as comfortable and important as the interior of our homes.

Therefore, we should choose our garden furniture carefully. It should be weather-resistant, but at the same time be comfortable and integrated into the home’s overall style.

If you want to update your garden or redesign it according to 2018’s trends, you need to keep reading this article. We’ll give you some of the most influential garden trends for this year that are sweeping the globe.

As many interior designers have already predicted, buying solar-powered devices for the garden will become significantly more popular. They’re great for both fixed and spotlighting.

This type of lighting will become highly prevalent in gardens throughout 2018. This is because of our ecological mindset of saving energy and resources. Solar powered lamps create a relaxed environment and can ease the stress of everyday life.

Solar powered lamps are a great sustainable trend that is decorative while also providing your space with practical solar lamps.

garden trends

Copper will be a color that becomes increasingly popular in homes and gardens in 2018. This tone gives warmth into the environment and creates a contrast with the stone and wood in our garden.

This metal has a the great ability to withstand severe weather conditions, which makes it the perfect material for outdoors.

Over time, copper will change its appearance due to wear and tear. It’ll become more brown and green as time passes. This helps to create a vintage, worn look which is perfect for lovers of retro decoration.

Without a doubt, aged copper will take center stage in 2018.

This, without a doubt, is the trend that might surprise us the most. It’s finally become more popular to think about how we’re all connected to one another on earth. More people are becoming aware of how important our environment is, and this is now being reflected in the way we design our exteriors.

Now that this has become a more popular, mainstream way to think, the prices of organic food have skyrocketed recently. This has caused many people to create their own mini vegetable gardens.

The easiest and most popular foods include peas, broccoli, and spinach along with aromatic herbs and spices.

If your home doesn´t have a large outdoor space you can opt for a gardening table or a garden shelf.

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Boho hammocks or loungers are becoming more popular in gardens and terraces. They give off a feeling of peace and comfort, and a kind of hippie aesthetic. We like this trend the most, without a doubt.

You can use hammocks to decorate your garden as well as use them for their functionality. They’re great to rest, sleep, read, sunbathe, and meditate in. We can create our own oasis with a hammock and a good book.

You can position your hammock between two walls, two tree trunks, at the end of a pergola, or on your roof. There are even hammocks on the market that come with their own supports – you don’t have to tie them to anything.

Normally hammocks are made of materials that resist water and whatever other outdoor elements damage them.

Wicker is a material that’s made of natural fiber. People mostly use wicker for creating furniture or other home accessories. It stands the test of time and weather well. This makes it a great material to use to decorate your garden or terrace.

Wicker is a very elastic material, so it’s perfect for furniture that we move frequently. This elasticity allows the furniture to support movement without being damaged.

However, to achieve its durability over time, you should place your chair in a shady place. The sun can have a big impact on wicker, which damages the fibers. This causes the wicker to lose its flexibility and color. We advise you to hand wax your wicker items every so often in order to ensure its longevity and color.

Wicker gives a calm, relaxing aesthetic, especially when you incorporate it into loungers, armchairs, or tables. These bring warmth to the decor in terms of both look and feel.

hanging wicker chairs

Including exotic and tropical elements into your garden will bring color and exuberance to your senses. Exotic plants give a colorful and lively effect to the garden, as well as increasing its visual impact.

Some exotic plants of average height include  Colocasia and Strelitzia  plants, which are a sure hit in interior design. Another type of slightly smaller plant is small aloes, which are great for daring people looking for an exotic touch. Planting vines like the passion flower or an ivy plant will be a great finishing touch in your garden.

Because these plants most likely aren’t native to your area, you’ll need to give them some extra care and attention. However, over time you’ll learn about how to look after them so they can flourish and look their best in your space.

Dare you add any of these garden trends to your garden or terrace? 

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