The 6 Outstanding Benefits of Artificial Grass

Among the benefits of artificial grass, we can find its easy installation, adaptation to different surfaces, and low to no maintenance. Keep reading to discover more.
The 6 Outstanding Benefits of Artificial Grass

Last update: 25 May, 2021

If you want to give your home a green touch, artificial grass offers you several benefits, in addition to decorating your spaces. This is a product with outstanding benefits because it can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s an excellent option if for some reason you don’t want or can’t have natural grass.

This type of grass is very realistic and removes some problems that we can experience with natural grass, such as uneven textures, rain puddles, and even mosquitoes. Ready to see more about these benefits?

The six benefits of artificial grass

Artificial grass is friendly to the environment.

We’re going to tell you about six benefits that artificial grass can offer and what you should consider when choosing between this and natural grass. Take note!

1. It’s durable and strong

The first of the benefits of artificial grass has to do with its long and useful life, depending on how you use it. Its estimated lifespan is a minimum of ten years, as long as you choose quality over price.

There are different types of artificial grass, depending on the brand you choose. The differences have to do with the color, texture, and thickness of simulated grass strands. Among various factors, its resistance properties are related to the effects of changes in weather.

2. Installation is easy: benefits of artificial grass

Another benefit of artificial grass is its easy installation and installation versatility for different surfaces such as earth, concrete, tile,s and even on walls and facades. Although with instructions you could probably install it yourself, it’s best to ask a professional. Although, the additional cost of labor should be considered.

What’s more, being non-slip and unaffected by chlorine, you can also install it around swimming pools. It’ll have a good surface grip and won’t be affected by the water.

3. It doesn’t need much maintenance

Maintaining artificial grass is very simple.

After installation, artificial grass doesn’t require much effort to keep it in good condition throughout its useful life. This, in turn, leads you to enjoy another benefit in terms of savings. It’ll be enough to brush it from time to time to remove dirt and to occasionally soak it to refresh and remove coarse dirt particles.

In addition to saving the time and water that it’d take to maintain natural grass, you’ll also save on fertilizer costs, as well as pruning. After installing it, all that remains is to start enjoying it.

4. It’s easy to clean: benefits of artificial grass

Cleaning artificial grass is very easy and simple. Occasional brushing with a stiff bristle brush is sufficient to remove dry leaves, dust, and grime. Of course, you shouldn’t use a metal brush. For stubborn stains, you can use soap and water.

Although due to its synthetic nature it doesn’t attract bacteria, if you have pets, you can disinfect the lawn with recommended and specific products.

5. Friendly for the environment

Compared to natural grass, artificial grass is more environmentally friendly in the long run. By not requiring constant watering you’ll have significant water savings too. Yes, that’s right, you’ll have a green and live lawn all year round using very little water to maintain it, which is a great contribution to the planet.

In the same way, you’ll contribute to environmental care by not having to use chemicals to maintain it, such as fertilizers and insecticides.

6. It’s safe and offers comfort

It is soft and comfortable.

The last of the benefits of artificial grass is related to the safety and comfort it offers you and your family. If there’s a fire outbreak, you can be sure that it won’t melt and nor spread flames. Quality artificial grass is fire retardant.

It’s also safe for children and pets, who won’t have restrictions to run on it. Although it depends on the brand and quality, artificial grass can cause some minor skin burns.

Enjoy the benefits of artificial grass!

As we’ve seen, artificial grass has several benefits, it adapts easily and offers you a variety of green tones. It’s ecological, doesn’t produce or contribute to allergies and there’s a minimal risk of pests such as mites, worms, or ants.

Among the negative aspects or disadvantages of artificial grass is that it has no odor. So if you’re a fan of the delicious smell of freshly mowed grass, you won’t experience this.  However, you already have some benefits to consider when choosing the type of lawn you want to install in your home.

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