Wedding Floral Arrangements and What Colors to Choose

Are you looking for original wedding floral arrangements? Stick around if so, we're about to give you some tips styles, and colors you can choose from.
Wedding Floral Arrangements and What Colors to Choose

Last update: 06 November, 2019

Wedding floral arrangements are some of the most important elements in the look of your special day. This is because flowers convey nature, elegance, and romanticism to this kind of event.

So, you must choose the right flowers for your wedding. First of all, think of the look and the feeling you’d like and decide on the colors depending on whether the celebration will be outdoors or indoors.

Usually, wedding colors are determined by specific floral arrangements. It’s for this reason that you should pay special attention to the following advice because we’re about to show you some of the ideal color combinations for your nuptial party.

In addition, we’ll show you a range of spots and corners to place your arrangements. Flowers are a must when it comes to wedding decor.

Ideal wedding flower arrangements

A table with floral arrangements.

There is an infinite variety of flowers and every single one of them varies in color, shape, and size. The most commonly used flowers for wedding arrangements are roses, hydrangeas, peonies, tulips, and carnations. Next, we’ll tell you what the most commonly used color combinations for this kind of celebration are.

Color combinations

The choice of colors for your wedding floral arrangements should be personal but feel free to choose from the following to find the one you like the most.

  • Whites with pastel pinks and greens.
  • Off-white with salmon and green.
  • Lilacs, violets, and pinks with some white accents.
  • White or off-white with a lot of green.
  • All white

These colors will add romantic refined details to your wedding decor. You can apply them both in bridal bouquets, centerpieces, or door garlands for the entrance of the party room. So, choose the one you like the most.


You can create all sorts of floral arrangements for the centerpieces for your wedding celebration. Here are some ideas for some beautiful ones that you can easily put together.

Tall vases with flowers

You can use tall ornate glass vases for a large flower arrangement. If you really want them to stand out, then use large flowers and a sprinkle of color.

Wedding vintage floral arrangements

Logs with flowers.

If you prefer a vintage look at your wedding, then you can apply a rectangular wooden box as a centerpiece. Make sure it isn’t too large a piece, otherwise, it’ll become an obstacle for your guests during dinner. Your goal here is to create a table “flowerbed.”

Insert many small flowers into the box and make it as dense as you can while using all sorts of shapes and colors. You’ll see how beautiful it turns out to be.

White and lit roses

This last idea is truly beautiful and delicate. It involves inserting several white roses vertically into a square glass vase.

Their stems should be in the water keeping only the flower on the surface. Then, place the vase on a decorative tray or platter. Then, place several small white candles around the flowers.

Chair floral arrangements

Chair flower decor.

You can also use floral arrangements to spruce up the chairs for your wedding. A very nice alternative is to make them spherically shaped. Tie a delicate ribbon in the center that goes with the tones of your selected flowers.

You’ll also use this ribbon to attach the floral spheres on each one of the wedding chairs. This is a very nice and delicate detail.

In addition, you could make sure all of the floral arrangements for your wedding match each other. Try to maintain the same look on the table, chairs, wedding cake and also at the entrance of the room.

Generally, you can keep the floral arrangements quite simple depending on where you intend to place them. However, you must stick to specific flowers and color schemes to create visual unity in your party space.

The most distinctive and truly personal floral arrangement should be the bridal bouquet. In fact, there are many different and original alternatives nowadays. For example, you can choose from bouquets with cascading flowers or from the very bushy ones that feature many different flowers of various colors. This will be the ultimate touch originality for your wedding.

As with everything in your wedding plans, you must choose the arrangements that most please you and your other half. This is your chance to add charm, romance, and originality to every corner of your wedding room.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article.