Ways to Reuse the Washing Machine Drum

The decor world is all about originality and creativity. That being said, reusing your washing machine drum and turning it into a decorative element may be just what your home needs.
Ways to Reuse the Washing Machine Drum

Last update: 26 January, 2020

If there’s something we can be sure of it’s that creativity has no limits. As surreal as it may sound, we’ve come to the point where we’re using home appliances as decorative elements. In this article, we’ll be showing you some ways to reuse the washing machine drum.

Everything can be reused. Find a way to reuse objects you no longer need instead of immediately throwing them away. Without a doubt, in the world of decoration, any object can be turned into an aesthetically pleasing piece.

We all have a sensitive side. Some more than others. If you want to enhance your home’s decoration through elements such as a washing machine drum, you have to have artistic ability, a vision, and creativity.

Qualities of a washing machine drum

A close-up of a washing machine drum.

You may wonder about the aesthetic relevance of a product like this. What could it possibly bring to your home? The first thing that you must take into account is the function it’ll fulfill and the meaning you’d like it to have.

First of all, a washing machine drum brings originality – that’s for sure.

The alternative nature of these differs from other decorative resources that are common in homes.

Originality and creativity are closely linked to art.

Turn the washing machine drum into an original lamp

A washing machine drum turned into a floor lamp.

Given the diameter of a washing machine drum and the wide space inside of it, it could be easily turned into a lamp.

  • A hanging lamp. It can hang from the ceiling with hooks and suspension. You just have to place it right where the bulb is. The drum itself will fulfill the function of a bell and will receive the light to direct it through the center and the side holes.
  • As a floor lamp. Another possibility is to place a central leg or several around the drum so that it stands up. You can then install a bulb in the center. The drum must be supported by the legs or attached to a central bar.
  • As a lantern. This is the most original idea out of the three. Place the washing machine drum directly on the floor with a light inside. This would be perfect for your garden! It definitely is a very interesting lantern that will attract the attention of your guests.

As a flower pot

A flower pot made out of a drum.

You can also turn the washing machine drum into a flower pot for your garden. You may think this sounds complicated but it’s actually very easy to do.

Fill the interior with sand. The side holes will allow the plant to breathe and drain the excess water.

Thanks to such wide interior space, a washing machine drum makes for a spacious and perfect container for any type of plant, even for small trees.

As a living room table

A table made out of a washing machine drum.

If you really want to break stereotypes and create an innovative piece of furniture, the drum can become a table. How can you do this? Let’s look at the steps to follow.

  • First of all, put a circular board on the top of the drum. It can be of wood or glass. The edges may not fit perfectly, but that’s okay. The most important thing is that it is level.
  • A fun aspect of this element is that you can use its hollowness to store things. If you want, you could turn this into a magazine rack.
  • This decorative element is very original. However, if you’d like to make it even more unique, you could paint its exterior.

Turning the washing machine drum into a brazier

Drum holes.

Another way to reuse the washing machine drum is by turning it into a brazier. Its structure will allow the heat to escape.

There are two possible types – grill or electric. The important thing is that it’s well protected so that you’re safe. The metal itself can overheat so it’s vital that the central area is isolated.

You can place it under a table or in an open space. The drum will protect the internal brazier from the outside to avoid any possible danger.