Using White Wooden Pallets In Interior Design

Using white wooden pallets in your interior decor is a really interesting way to bring energy and innovation to your home.
Using White Wooden Pallets In Interior Design

Last update: 17 July, 2020

If you want to design interiors with a difference, upcycling is a great way to go. By repurposing old objects and transforming them into new pieces of furniture, you can create a unique and innovative look that will surprise and delight your guests. Today, we want to focus on using white wooden pallets in your home.

People often feel the need to seek out unique decorative elements that will help their homes stand out from the crowd. However, you may have some doubts about the aesthetic you want to create, and the types of materials you can use.

Wooden pallets are really versatile objects, and have so many different uses in the world of interior design. Their main function is usually to stack and store materials, so they offer a strong, sturdy base to work with. They can be adapted to almost any space, so long as you know how to give them a certain air of functionality and charm.

White wooden pallets – DIY coffee table

White wooden pallets: DIY coffee table.

The couch is the epicenter of any living room. However, no couch is truly complete without a great coffee table. The right coffee table will allow you to create a dialog with the other elements in the room, establishing the perfect balance of height and volume. Wooden pallets are the ideal size for this.

By stacking two pallets on top of each other, you can create a coffee table that’s the perfect height for your couch. Painting your pallets white will give your new table elegance, and help it to stand out. However, you might want to place a sheet of glass on top of your pallets, to prevent the paintwork from getting spoilt over time.

Using pallets to make your coffee table also means that you’ll have a built-in shelf where you can keep magazines, TV remotes, and other objects. To generate contrast, we recommend combining your pallet table with a dark-colored couch. At the very least, you need to choose colors that will complement your table.

A pallet coffee table offers a sense originality and innovation, while enhancing the center of your living room. 

3 types of pallet garden furniture

Pallet patio furniture.

White furniture contrasts perfectly with the green of the garden. Incorporating white elements is also a great way to add a certain sense of purity and light to the natural tones of your backyard, allowing you to create an elegant, original, and relaxing atmosphere. Let’s take a look at 3 different ways to decorate your garden with white wooden pallets:

1. Most gardens have a recreation area where you can sit back, relax, and unwind. By attaching them together, pallets can be used to create the ideal garden and patio furniture, such as chairs and tables. Ideally, these should be combined with dark or neutral-colored cushions, to create contrast.

2. Vertical gardens work well in both indoor and outdoor areas. However, we advise placing them outside, where they will be more in harmony with the environment. They can be hung on the walls or arranged along one side of your house, allowing the plants to contrast with bright white paint.

3. Pallets can also be used to display objects such as candles, plant pots, wreaths, and bunting. The white of your pallets will contrast beautifully with your decorations, helping them to stand out.

Bedroom dressers

One way to use pallets in your bedroom is to transform them into a handy dresser. This is a really simple idea. You’ll need a minimum of two pallets, which should be attached together to create a solid, stable base.

You’ll also need to place a wooden board on top of your pallets to create a flat surface where you can display decorative objects. This will give your bedroom a really original touch, and allow you to move away from the stereotype of conventional and classical furniture.

When you break with tradition, you find innovation.

Other ways to use white wooden pallets

Using white wooden pallets: DIY folding screen.

By attaching them together, white wooden pallets can also be used to create a beautiful folding screen. To do this, you’ll need at least 4 pallets, arranged vertically. Ideally, the pallets should be heavy enough that the screen will stay upright, and won’t move around too much.

You also have the option of using your wooden pallets to raise your bed up off the ground. In other words, they can be used to create a sturdy bed frame. At the same time, the use of white paint will allow it to retain a certain air of subtlety and elegance.

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