Trims, Borders and Frills for Home Decor

This might be surprising to you, but trims are still a trendy decor detail for textiles.
Trims, Borders and Frills for Home Decor

Last update: 15 February, 2019

Whether you’ve already decorated your home or are still in the process, trims, borders and frills are the finishing touch that’ll fill your home with character.

Tassels, fringes, ribbons… There are so many options. These decorative details have kept up with the times and offer varieties for any decor style.

Let your imagination take the lead; you don’t have to limit yourself to their traditional uses. Try classics like silk and neutral colors; they work great for vintage styles.

Or, you could look for details in brighter, more colorful colors or stronger material. You could even mix and match.

Personalize decorative pieces

trims 1

Aside from giving pieces a warmer feel, trims are also a great way to personalize your furniture and decorative accessories. You can make your sofas, chairs, drapes, pillows, and lampshades unique by adding trim or other details as well.

These days, people are using trims in an original way, decorating objects that used to be adorned in a different fashion. Curtains with a floor-length fringe are a popular idea. And you’re not limited to using fringes on lampshades, you can add them to any accessory that you want!

Pillows: tassels, cords, fringes, ribbons… everything works

trims 2

For your pillows, the possibilities are sky high. They allow for any kind of trimming detail that you could wish for. You could try using cords or tassels on the edges, adding fringes or adornments, spelling out words with individual letters or even putting inspirational quotes on your pillows.

This is a project that you could tackle yourself, or you can purchase the trimmings and simply add them on.

Classic trims: meander

Meander valances never completely went out of style, but they’re back and making waves. You can match them easily with other decorative accessories in any room. They could work with anything from your upholstered seats to your shower curtain or pillowcases.

The classic beige or white valance with a meander pattern works well in any setting. It’s a detail that can make any piece stand out.

This season, we’re going to see the backs of chairs decorated in the classic meander pattern. It’s a pattern that’ll make your chairs and sofas stand out.

Children’s rooms

trims 4

In children’s rooms, you can really give trims and frills center stage. They can be that pop of color you needed if you’ve decorated the room in light colors. They can also tone down already colorful rooms if you use neutral colors.

Your children will love the detail and they’ll benefit from mental and creative stimulation. And if you’re up for it, choosing the trims and frills could be a great activity to do with your kids. They’ll have a blast.

Bedding and tablecloths

trims 5

We’ve already talked about meanders for pillowcases, but why not take it a step further?

Use cords, straps, tiebacks, tassels, pompoms, fringes, decorative knots, fasteners, wavy ribbons, silk and lace ribbons, cross-stitch in any size, effects, and colors.

There’s nothing more original than using these wonderful details to personalize a good set of bedsheets like our grandmothers did. You’ll have truly original bedsheets, trimmed to perfection.

You can do the same thing with blankets, comforters, throws, towels, and tablecloths. Personalize your treasured pieces or your everyday ones.

Get started!

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Browse through an arts and crafts store. They have fantastic collections that’ll inspire you. New fibers, textures, and colors work together with classic trims.

Don’t limit yourself with colors. At home, you’ll find texture and color combinations that you haven’t seen before.

So why not try giving something a decorative trim? Be creative! You’ll love the decorative effect that trims can have on your decor. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop.