The Home Bar: Innovative and Original

If you want to wow your guests and create a kitchen with a difference, a home bar is a really interesting way to create a unique and casual environment.
The Home Bar: Innovative and Original

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Whoever said that you had to go out to enjoy a pint of beer, a soda or a glass of your favorite cocktail? It might not be very common, but there is a way to turn your home into a unique and interesting space to enjoy drinks with family and friends. We’re talking, of course, about the home bar.

Sometimes, it seems as if you can only really have fun outside the house. Bars have long been places of entertainment, great chat, and meetings with friends. In other words, they are the perfect place to socialize and relax.

So, what would happen if you tried to convert a room in your house into your own miniature bar? You could create a space with a difference, using your own sense of style and breaking all the rules to create the perfect place to spend time with family and friends.

Home bars: relaxed and original style

Every home bar needs bar stools.

It might seem strange to think about having a bar in your own home. But if you have the means and the space to do it, it’s actually not that difficult to pull off.

The good thing about creating your own bar is that you can personalize it with your own sense of style. In other words, you can make a bar with everything you always wanted: state of the art, modern, minimalist, rustic, simple… Whatever you want!

A home bar will quickly become the star feature of your home. It’s the perfect place to entertain your guests and while away a pleasant evening. Plus, it will create a relaxed and casual atmosphere, and can actually be even more welcoming than your living room.

Having a home bar is a really unique and innovative feature.

Types of home bar

Your home bar could be rustic, modern, minimalist, or any style you want.

When it comes to thinking about the different types of home bars on the market, and working out how to go about doing it, the first step is to make sure you have a basement, attic, terrace or garden big enough.

  • Simple bars: you don’t need to have a bar exactly like the ones you find in pubs. You can simply use a long counter with a smooth surface where you can place drinks. Wooden, stone or marble counters are ideal.
  • Pub-style bars: this type of bar needs a smooth surface, and a fixed base made of stone or brick. You can also place a metal bar at the bottom for people to rest their feet on.
  • Industrial-style bars: these can be made of metal, which will give your bar into a simpler and more industrial style, with no unnecessary decorations or clashing colors.
  • Straight or curved bar: if you don’t want it to have any particular style, you can simply buy a wooden, stone or metal bar. This can be straight or curved so that it fits perfectly into your space, and to give it a more pub-like feel.

Don’t forget that the materials you use will have an impact on the style of your home bar. You don’t necessarily need to install a typical, pub-style bar. Using a simple counter or another surface can work just as well. Even a glass counter can look great.

Bar stools

The materials you use for your bar will have an impact on the style.

There’s no denying that stools will play a fundamental role in your home bar. After all, no bar is truly complete without them. So, if you really want to recreate that authentic bar feel, you’ll need to buy some stools.

It’s important to think carefully about the style of your home bar so that you can buy stools to match. However, you don’t need too many of them. 3-4 stools are plenty, and won’t overfill your space.

Space for storing drinks and ice

Add a shelf or cupboard where you can keep drinks for your home bar.

Every bar needs a place where you can keep drinks and ice cubes. There are three really practical ways to do this:

  • The bar itself can have an in-built space where you can put drinks and a fridge.
  • An upper shelf or cupboard where you can keep bottles right within reach. This could be an enclosed cupboard or cabinet with glass doors or an open shelf.
  • A shelf or cabinet behind the bar where you can see all the drinks on offer. You could even display your drinks in the style of a wine cellar.

Making your own home bar is actually quite simple. All you need is a decent amount of room with plenty of space, good lighting, a great bar, and matching stools.