Tidy Your Office Space - 3 Ways to Hide Cords

Home offices can be a common place to find yourself entangled in cords. But they're an eyesore and get in the way of cleaning. Hide them out of sight with these easy tricks.
Tidy Your Office Space - 3 Ways to Hide Cords

Last update: 17 September, 2019

We’re surrounded by cords in our workplace and at home. Having an outlet nearby has become a necessity for work, charging our phones or simply for enjoying free time. As a result, this new need has turned cords into common items in any setting. But they’re eyesores and are better hidden out of sight.

Today, we want to show you different ways to hide your cords in an office setting. Read and discover our ideas and you’ll see how easy it is to keep them out of sight. In addition, our ideas will make your office a more organized, safer place because hidden cords mean a smaller risk of tripping and other possible dangers.

1. Make a hole in your office desk

Our first idea is the most popular way to hidden cords out of sight in many offices or workspaces. Try it for yourself and make a hole around 3 centimeters in diameter with a drill or similar tool.

hide cords office drill

Drill a subtle hole in a corner of your desk so it doesn’t interfere with your work. A great spot for it could be behind your computer screen or in one of the back corners. Once you finish setting up your computer and other desk items, feed the cords through the hole. Now, they won’t take up any desk space and will stay hidden underneath instead.

Are you thinking about buying an office desk? More and more models feature this cord hole. And many of them also include a cover that allows you to close or open the hole as you need.

2. Decorative panel

More often than not, we find computer, printer, speaker and other cords running off an office desk. They end up creating a messy setting. But you can completely hide them by setting up a panel between the cords and wall. With a panel, you can hide your cords but keep them accessible at all times.

An original block of color can completely hide your cords behind it. 

A panel can work wonderfully as you can use any color or pattern. Aside from hiding your cords, it can also decorate your office and give it an original feel.

If you don’t have your desk up against a wall, you can still use this idea by making a small change in its set-up. Instead of one panel, you’ll need two to place on each side of your cords. Fix one onto your desk and simply lean the other against your desk’s legs. This set-up will allow you to remove them easily when you need to access the cords.

3. Hide a power strip in a box

hide cords office power strip

Our third and last idea will work perfectly in any office. Put your cords in a box and keep them completely out of sight. First, you have to make a hole on one side of your box to pass them through.

Then, put your power strip in the box and make a label for each plug. By doing this with a post-it, you won’t have to follow each cord to unplug your computer, printer or other equipment.

Remember to use a box that’s big enough to fit the power strip and cords. Place the box close to the cords so that they show the minimum amount possible.

Now that you know the different ways to hide cords in your office, there are no excuses to tuck these eyesores out of view. Choose the idea that best suits your needs and work in a more orderly, risk-free setting.