Reusing Cans For Home Decoration

Don't get rid of old cans! With a little love, they can become beautiful home decorations.
Reusing Cans For Home Decoration

Last update: 09 June, 2020

Every day, concern for the environment grows. It’s important to try to reduce the amount of waste as much as possible. As a result, decoration has become a powerful way to give a second life to objects that we would usually discard. So, we’ll show you three ideas for reusing cans for home decoration.

Throughout our lives, we generate a huge amount of garbage. Things we use every day contribute to our carbon footprint. For example, we use soda bottles, cans, plastic water bottles, and glass jars.

The list is endless. Unfortunately, most of these objects end up in the trash, which damages the environment.

However, if we’ve learned anything about decoration, it’s that all objects can have a fun and functional second life. Anything can be converted into a beautiful object for our homes. Therefore, if you’re passionate about decorative crafts and recycling, don’t miss out on the following ideas for reusing cans!

Reusing cans of soda

Reusing cans like these old soda cans is a great way to create eco-friendly decoration.

Canned soft drinks are one of the most consumed products in our society. These cans cause a real problem for the environment. Since the production of cans of soft drinks has exploded, it’s increasingly common to find these cans littering natural areas.

What uses could we give these old cans? One interesting idea is to create a lantern. Soda cans are made of aluminum. This metal is easily molded. As a result, you can easily cut and manipulate the can to create beautiful figures.

In fact, if you don’t want anyone to know the lantern was originally a can, you can paint the outside. This will create a totally different look. These lanterns are perfect for hot summer nights. You can incorporate them into your outdoor design as a centerpiece. Alternatively, you can use them to decorate the trees in your garden with twinkling lights.

These tea lights will add a touch of magic to any garden party.

Reusing glass jars

A glass jar with lights in it.

Glass jars are a commonly reused item in the world of decoration. This resource is very versatile when it comes to making new creations. Glass jars vary in size and shape so you can use them in all kinds of ways, both in your home and in your garden.

  • Forget about chemical sprays! Create your own natural air freshener with fresh herbs from your garden and your favorite fruit. Just gently boil herbs and fruits that you like. Then, combine them with vanilla extract and water. Once the mixture has cooled, add it to a glass jar. Drill some holes in the top and cover the jar.
  • Another great idea is to take advantage of clear jars to organize your things. It’s very simple to do and extremely helpful. Just get as many glass jars as you need and place them on a wooden shelf. Then, you can easily see all your materials in a craft room, or whatever you’re looking for the bathroom. These jars can also work well in the kitchen!

A custom lamp made from reusing cans

A can repurposed into a lamp.

We all use so many canned products in our homes. While we usually throw away aluminum cans, with a little creativity and imagination you can transform these cans into beautiful objects.

With a can, some spray paint, and a small light, you can create a romantic bedroom lamp. First, take a can and use a hammer and nail to create holes in a fun shape. You can choose whatever shape you want!

Then, spray paint the entire surface in whatever color goes best with your decor. Once the can has dried, place the light inside.

Lamps made from cans are perfect for creating an atmosphere of intimacy and mystery.

A planter – a simple and easy way method of reusing cans

Planters made out of cans.

Glass jars or old cans are the perfect sizes for planting vegetables inside.

It’s so simple! Just make some holes in the base, fill it with soil, and put in some seeds. Then, water it. After a while, you’ll start to see your plant grow!


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