Using Recycled Wood to Decorate

Using recycled wood to decorate is becoming very common, and it shows that the world of interior design is changing.
Using Recycled Wood to Decorate

Last update: 09 September, 2019

A few years ago it would’ve been impossible to think of using recycled wood inside the home. However, in recent years it’s become very common to design furniture with this material.

Since it’s becoming so popular to use recycled wood, you can get striking and interesting designs without having to cut down more trees. Also, the wood is treated with more and more sophisticated recycling processes. This gives it an optimal, perfect final appearance.

Recycled wood for bedroom decoration

Here are some ideas for using recyled wood in the bedroom. Remember that the wood doesn’t have to be excessively old or outdated, it just has to be reused.


You can easily build these using pallets, room dividers, doors or shutters.

Use an old wooden fruit box as a bedside table. Add a small lamp so that you can read at night and you have a cozy atmosphere.

You can also decorate the headboard with a string of lights.

If you’re using an old window, you should remove the glass first. Then you can fill the gaps with different patterned fabrics.

You can also decide whether to leave the wood as it is or to paint it. This depends on your individual taste. A worn-out look or alternating colors can look great, and it will give it a more dynamic look. This design can be used for any piece of furniture.


Another option is to place a wood board on a structure, such as two easels.

recycled woods

You can also use wooden fruit crates. Place one stacked on another on their sides, leaving the bases facing the wall. Then, you can use the free space as small shelves or open drawers. You could then place a recycled wooden board on them to use as the headboard.


You can make a very simple structure by placing fruit crates on top of each other, up to a certain height. If you alternate the orientation and size of the boxes, you’ll get a more dynamic and interesting piece of furniture.

If you want to place it in the corner, all you’ll need are two doors, two windows or a two-part divider. Place the two pieces of wood at a 90-degree angle. Then, you’ll add triangular shelves to the free space, thus covering all of the available area.

The last option is to hang strings from the ceiling and attach planks to them. You can use these shelves for books, magazines, plants, figurines…

Recycled wood for family rooms and living rooms

Furniture for the hallway

The easiest option is to place a door against the wall of the hallway and to add a bar at the top. Then, you can add a series of hooks below that. This is a perfect substitute for a traditional coat rack.

You can also place a pallet vertically against the walls and use it as a place to leave your keys. It could also be used as decoration. You could place the objects in the upper part as well as in the projecting crossbars that are normally facing downwards.

Shelving for your living room

The shelf that we’re going to talk about is so original that it can be used in any space of your house. You can take an old rowboat, get rid of one of it’s ends, and place it vertically in the living room. The seats will work as shelves and you can add more if necessary.

Game table and chairs

The result of this is an amazingly comfortable corner. You can choose simple structures made with pallets. To make them more colorful, you can add cushions or fabrics to the backs. If you put wheels under the table, it’ll be easier to move around.

So, the next time you do renovations on your house, you might not want to throw away your windows and doors. Now that you’ve seen all of these possibilities with recycled wood, you should try them out when decorating. Keep in mind that originality and innovation have no limits.

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