Christmas Lights for Your Bed Headboard

Original tips and ideas to decorate your headboard with Christmas lights.
Christmas Lights for Your Bed Headboard

Last update: 07 February, 2019

Nearly all of us have Christmas lights at home. These lovely lights started appearing in non-festive home decor several years ago, decorating furniture and objects, ceilings and walls.

Lighting is a fundamental ambiance-setter for any area of the home. Christmas lights don’t just light up a space, but they also create a warm and comfortable setting. They decorate and create sensations.

You can find them easily all-year-round as they’re a trendy decor accessory. In our post today, we have some original and fun tips to show you for decorating your bed headboard with these little lights.

They’re so trendy. You can use them anywhere in your home, but there’s nothing like lighting up your bedroom to create a one-of-a-kind setting.

Christmas lights 1

Choose the right light color

If you already have Christmas lights at home and like the color, don’t worry about buying new ones. If that’s not you, there is a wide variety of options to choose from.

You can try white, yellow or colorful lights. Generally speaking, these work best for decorating spaces. They’ll provide more warmth for your rooms.

Select your favorite one

You can choose from a huge variety of Christmas lights. Some go on for meters while others are shorter. You can even find curtain lights, which are a group of vertical strands that create a shower of lights. Or, you can find lights that have a decorative bulb instead.

What you want to create with the lights will determine your final selection. For a bedroom, we don’t recommend using a long model. If you want to use them to outline a shape, look for a simple model without decorative bulbs.

Christmas lights for your headboard

Using these kinds of lights in bedrooms creates warm, pleasant atmospheres. Setting them up near your bed will create a delicate and romantic feel. The headboard is the most common place for Christmas lights.

If your bed doesn’t have a headboard

A super original idea is outlining a shape with the lights at the head of your bed. You could map our your design with small nails, or even a word that you like. The end result will give your room personality while creating cozy lighting.

Christmas light waterfall

Hang your lights vertically from your ceiling.

Light curtains

You can also try setting up your lights vertically alongside a sheer curtain. Use a lightweight and translucent fabric. Cover the lights with the curtains. They’ll dim the lighting a bit and bring romance into your room.

Star shower

Just like how you can make a light waterfall at the head of your bed, you can extend them up onto your ceiling. Your lights will fill up more space and when you go to bed, you’ll see a faux sky of stars in your room.

L-line lights

If your bed is in a corner (against a wall), you can make a design out of that L-space. Set up your lights, starting on your headboard and following the wall until the other side of the wall, creating an L-line.

Christmas lights 2

Save energy

We’re all well aware that we should be mindful of the energy that we use. Turn on your lights a couple minutes before going to bed to create the mood, but don’t forget to turn them off.

Christmas lights last a long time, but they’re very fragile. Be careful with them.

Christmas lights are an easy accessory to find and use in an infinite number of ways for decor. Create a magical space in your bedroom with these tiny lights. The ambiance will help relax your mind at night and sleep well. Lighting plays a fundamental role in any space. Give it a try and add some warmth and romanticism to the head of your bed.