Knitted Covers to Decorate Anything

Knitted covers are timeless. Some serve to give color and continuous changes to your home and others, in addition to this, are functional. Discover all of the items that benefit from knitted covers!
Knitted Covers to Decorate Anything

Last update: 01 June, 2021

Lovers of knitting know very well that it’s possible to make knitted covers for almost anything. This is a very common decorative option in winter and at Christmas, but, used well, it’s also timeless. You can play with the gauge of the threads and the types of stitches that exist to give dynamism to the fabric and adapt it to different times throughout the year.

Precisely, we’ll give you a list of items that you can decorate with knitted covers. You can knit them yourself if you know how to do it, you can even reuse some garments with this fabric such as warmers, scarves, and hats.

Six items decorated with knitted covers

Here’s a list of six items that you can decorate with knitted covers, ranging from traditional cushions to candles, cups, and tea sets.

However, the idea is that you don’t limit yourself. In the same way that this fabric is used in these cases, you can also use it to cover and protect your pet’s furniture or to decorate an old pencil holder.

1. Knitted cushion covers

Transform your cushions with covers.

Yes, it’s one of the most traditional uses of this fabric. At Christmas knitted cushions are seen in almost every home, because in addition to being thematic, they provide extra warmth. However, these are very useful at any time of the year.

You can have knitted covers for each season and with a variety of colors, types of fabric and threads that allow you to change the appearance of the sofa or the bed. You have so many options to choose from!

2. Seat covers

Take care of the original fabric of the armchairs and chairs.

As with cushions, in this case, the main advantage is that you can innovate the design and color of your space, so you’ll have new-looking seating whenever you want. The big plus is that they protect your armchairs and chairs. Thus, its original covers will remain intact for longer.

If there’s an accident and a liquid (such as red wine) is spilled, you’ll have enough time to react and remove the lining to prevent it from staining the original fabric. If you have pets, knitted covers are ideal because you’ll protect the chair from their claws and from the accumulation of hair.

3. Thermal bags and cases

Covers for thermal bags.

Having a hot or cold therapy water bottle at home is very important. It can be used for those days when menstruation afflicts us with pain or for when we’ve suffered a blow that requires hot or cold treatment.

If you’ve used one, you’ll know that their material isolates the temperature so that it doesn’t burn the skin; it’s better to avoid direct skin contact with extreme temperature sources. In these cases, it’s worth having a knitted cover that not only protects the skin but also allows for the passage of temperature.

4. For cups

Wells with knitted covers.

Knitted covers for cups, as in the previous case, serve to insulate. After serving coffee or hot chocolate, you can put your cover on the cup to avoid burning yourself and to help you grip the cup safely. 

This trick also extends to thermoses or bottles. It’s just as beautiful in decorative terms and functional in terms of temperature control.

5. Knitted covers for candles and holders

To decorate the candles and candle holders.

The use of covers on candles is purely decorative. This does contain a warning to prevent the flame from making contact with the fabric.

However, this shouldn’t scare you. Used with care, it’s a valid decorative option, but one that requires more attention. In fact, for greater security and peace of mind, you can use the covers on the candle holders instead.

6. Make knitted covers for tea sets

Tea sets with covers.

The last thing on our list is the tea set. Yes, cups and pots included! In addition to isolating the heat, knitted covers give a delicate and elegant touch, typical of the romantic style.

In this case you can see a white tea set with white covers, but you can innovate your tea set with the color you prefer. You can even use several covers. Consider the delicacy of the stitches and thread to ensure it suits any time of the year. For winter you can try a cover that has a more robust fabric, for example.

What other uses do knitted covers have?

Almost anything can carry a knitted cover, you just need to increase your creativity.

It’ll be a great advantage to know how to knit, but it’s not a limitation. You can reform a garment yourself or buy the covers already made. In any case, enjoy your knitted decoration!

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