The Romantic Decor Style

With gentle colors and velvety textures, romantic decor will bring warmth and style to your home.
The Romantic Decor Style

Last update: 24 November, 2019

Today, our post is all about a classic decor style. Romantic decor is always in. It continually reinvents itself, adding new features from time to time but it always stays true to its principles: delicateness, sweetness, and sophistication. This decor style has a strong renaissance feel in addition to being very feminine. It’s a trend that also has plenty of supporters.

The best part about romantic interior decors is that it’s easy to personalize. While there are certain key characteristics that define the decor style, you should tailor it to yourself as much as possible.

By suiting it to your tastes, you can pull off romantic spaces that reflect who you are. Romantic decor is designed for homes that often have guests over. It’s elegant, cozy and every detail is accounted for.


romantic decor colors

Romantic decor uses delicate colors. White, of course, is a solid option but any cream color will work beautifully here.

Cream colors have the warmth and sweet personality that white lacks. So if you naturally lean towards creams, you’re almost halfway done setting up your decor. With beige tones as your base, you can move on to add hints of color.

Pastel colors make up the romantic palette. Small pops of soft pinks, light greens, and a nearly transparent blue are all you need.

Current trends have pulled in small pops of turquoise and lavender. Pair this subtle color combination with browns and other earthy colors, such as wooden floors for a truly beautiful result.

Romantic materials

romantic decor materials

Textures play a crucial role in the romantic decor style. Additionally, wallpaper is especially important. You should choose gentle, floral prints and place them strategically as to not overwhelm your setting.

Natural wallpapers, such as linen or cotton, in neutral colors or small floral patterns are also a valid option.

Wood is another must for these types of settings. Furniture pieces should be antique while featuring very simple lines. Untreated wood or pieces painted in creams or white with an aged look will work marvelously.

The main idea is to have vintage-looking furniture. Other materials that could star in romantic settings are porcelain or plaster.


romantic decor fabrics

Textiles create a large portion of the charm in a romantic decor setting. First, there are cotton and linen curtains. Other natural elements, such as parchment, can also work for light fixture shades. And of course, wool is a classic material for rugs.

Wool rugs play a special role in this decor style: they can’t be missing and should have delicate floral patterns in pastel colors.

The fabrics for tapestries, curtains and decor accessories like cushions should also have a floral print with gentle colors.

Delicate floral patterns are non-negotiable and can even work for bed sheets, comforters, and throws. Lace and crochet pieces are great additions, but remember that it’s easy to go overboard. They’re not essential pieces and it’s extremely important that you only use them in small doses.

Decorative elements

romantic decor accessories

Pastel-colored flowers, fresh or artificial, should fill each corner of your home. They pair very nicely with delicate porcelain figurines and vases.

Plaster or wooden baseboards and crown moldings are another must for your romantic setting. They tie together ceilings, cover walls, frame pictures and mirrors and clearly mark out spaces.

Another classic romantic element is a four-poster bed. Canopy or not, these are truly characteristic of romantic decor.

More essential accessories include candles, plants, and baskets. As for the lighting: make sure your lighting looks natural and helps your rooms feel big and well-lit. We’re talking about a very clean decor style here, and lighting plays a big role in achieving that setting.

romantic decor flowers

In romantic homes, dining tables are always prepared to receive company. Linen tablecloths, porcelain dishware, and antique-looking glass pieces are very popular choices. And of course, plenty of candles and a nice bouquet of flowers should grace the table center.

Shabby chic is a variation of the romantic decor style. It differs slightly from its classic predecessor by having a strong country feel.

In the romantic decor style, you don’t have to go far an English countryside look. Instead, it’s more classical and can work perfectly in urban homes.

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