Let's Go Shopping - Candles to Create the Perfect Atmosphere

If you like candles, these tips are for you. Here you'll find some of the most amazing candles to create the perfect atmosphere in your home.
Let's Go Shopping - Candles to Create the Perfect Atmosphere

Last update: 12 March, 2021

If you like candles, these tips are for you. Here you’ll find some of the most amazing candles to create the perfect atmosphere at home.

Decorative items can completely change your spaces. They give color, personality, and warmth to your home, and they’re perfect to create a harmonious atmosphere.

Candles illuminate, decorate, and create a magical atmosphere. 

The beauty of candles

Candles have existed for a long time and they’re still an original decorative item. They were created to illuminate before electricity existed, and nowadays they’re very popular. They’re a must for any style and atmosphere.

Shape and size

When it comes to candles, they vary based on their shape and size. There are round, long, and square candles. You can also find wax, soy, aromatic, and colorful ones, as well as floating candles.

Choose your favorite type of candle based on the feeling you want to transmit. Candles look great when you combine them with other decorative items, but be careful with the flame.

The magic of the senses

If you’re looking for well-being and want to transmit different emotions, aromatic candles are what you need. Their different fragrances stimulate or calm your mood. 

If you put candles in your entrance or light one after cooking, they work as air fresheners. There are different scents like jasmine, rose, lemon, coffee, and sea breeze.

Some ideas to decorate with candles

  • Jars. You can use old jam jars to put candles inside. This is a way of recycling and giving a bohemian touch to your home. You can paint them, decorate them with sackcloth or with other materials.
  • Glasses. If you have a nice glass, you can create an eye-catching centerpiece. Use flowers and place a candle inside the glass. Your guests will love it.
  • Fabric. Put some fabric or cord around the candle. You can combine different sizes and shapes and place them on the coffee table.

The most beautiful candles to create the perfect atmosphere

An African tour

Ladenac Milano offers special candles with different designs and irresistible scents. Their Africa collection is perfect to give a modern and elegant vibe to your home.

The candle holders are laser painted on glass, using silver and 18-carat gold. When you light them, you can see the animals that inspired each one of the fragrances. This is a limited edition candle with three different scents.

Classic and delicate candles

You’ll love the Echoes of Nature candle with a Valence Gardens scent. It’s handmade with white matte porcelain and engraved and painted with different designs that evoke this fragrance. This is the perfect gift for someone special. You can find it at Lladró.

Christmas candles

Candles offer a warm and winter vibe for Christmas time. Maisons du Monde has a beautiful collection.

A white tree-shaped Christmas candle inside a crystal bell is one of our favorites. It’s perfect to decorate your table or dining room.

Candles are amazing decorative items and the perfect gift. A good idea is to give one to a friend that is moving into a new house.

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