How to Create your Own Home Sauna

Learn how to create your own home sauna, and enjoy those moments of peace, quiet and relaxation.
How to Create your Own Home Sauna

Last update: 13 December, 2019

In this article, we want to show you how to create your very own home sauna. While this might seem like a near-impossible task, we want to show you a few different options that might just make you reconsider installing one in your home.

We all need time to sit back and relax now and then, and what better place to find those precious moments of peace and tranquillity than in the bathroom? There are so many different tools at your disposal – creams, oils, bath salts, relaxing music, soft, warm lighting…

While the sauna might often be associated with Nordic countries, they have found popularity around the globe. In the following article, we want to show you a few different ways you can create your own home sauna, and transform your bathroom into a place of rest and relaxation. We hope you enjoy!

The benefits of a sauna

First off, we want to tell you about the many benefits of using a sauna:

  • As you start to sweat, the pores open. This helps to eliminate toxins and impurities in the skin.
  • Saunas improve blood flow, helping to get rid of toxins in the body.
  • While it might not feel like it at first, sitting in a sauna can actually help you to breathe more easily.
  • They can help to alleviate joint pain such as arthritis.
  • Saunas can help to alleviate general aches and pains.
  • They can even combat problems such as insomnia. This is because spending time in a sauna can help you to feel more relaxed, both mentally and physically.
Towels and candles.

Types of sauna

Before we go on to explain how to make your own home sauna, we want to take a look at some of the different types on the market:

1. Finnish sauna: also known as a dry sauna, this type involves heating stones, which gradually begin to give off a dry heat. The temperature generally fluctuates between roughly 158 and 194 °F.

2. Turkish bath: also known as a hamam, Turkish baths use water and steam. The temperature usually sits at around 158 °F, while the humidity levels stay at around 90%.

3. Infrared sauna: infrared beams are emitted from an electric heater. They warm the body directly, penetrating deeper into the tissue than ambient heat.

These are some of the most common types of sauna, although there are some other options, including ice saunas.

It’s important to choose a place close to a wall socket and to pick a room that has good ventilation. Keep in mind that you can also create your sauna outside. Try to look for an even surface, and make sure to cover the plug so that it doesn’t come into contact with water.

Steam room.

Creating your own home sauna

When it comes to creating your own home sauna, you could buy a complete kit, which you can find in specialist stores. Alternatively, you could build the whole thing from scratch. If you decide to go for this second option, the first thing you’ll need to do is choose the right place for your home sauna. It should be somewhere that has easy access to your plumbing and electricity supply.

Next, it’s important to think about what kind of sauna you want, whether it’s an infrared or a lava rock sauna. Once you’ve made a decision, you’ll need to start building the wooden structure. The simpler the better.

As we’ve already mentioned, ventilation is an important aspect to bear in mind. Ideally, there should be a vent in the ceiling, another in the floor, and another above the wall socket. You’ll then need to think about where you want to place your windows and benches.

The next step is to line the interior with fiberglass and to install a vapor barrier to protect the fiberglass against the humidity. Next, you can construct the exterior wall and roof (with wood or tiles) and install a heating system.

The top layer of flooring should be made of ceramic mosaics, while the second should be made up of loose floorboards. You can then go on to install the sauna heater. Finally, all that’s left to do is furnish your sauna with benches and windows, and you’re done!

Finally, remember that you can also add any decorations and accessories you like to create the perfect relaxing environment.