Do You Sleep Poorly? This Might Be Why

Do You Sleep Poorly? This Might Be Why

Last update: 30 January, 2019

If you sleep badly, it’s time you took action. You should take a look at your room’s decorations. Are you ready?

If you don’t get enough sleep at night, it’s possible that there is something that’s interfering with your well-being. Do you want to know why you’re sleeping badly?

The Sleep Institute maintains that getting reparative sleep is vital for your health. However, missing hours and quality of sleep are becoming a problem.

So, the Sociological Investigation Center (CIS) gave their conclusions in their last wave of opinions.

In it, we see that more than 72% of Spaniards go to sleep after 11:00 PM and 54.5% get up before getting eight hours of sleep. This means that they get very little sleep.

Your mattress, the most important piece

foam mattress

The first thing that you need to think about is if you’re sleeping on a good mattress. The life of a mattress is thought to be 10 years. But, they can deteriorate before that depending on their quality. This also depends on the climate of the place you live.

This being the case, your sleep stops being reparative. And, you can even suffer from physical problems that affect your day to day life. If you have some of these problems, it’s time to inspect your mattress:

  • You get up tired or not get to sleep.
  • You wake up with sore muscles.
  • If your mattress is sagging on one side, don’t wait. The time has come to say “adios”.
  • Finally, if you have allergies or sneezing. Mites are the problem and your mattress is their favorite place Try to clean or change it if you’ve had it for more than 10 years.

Do You Sleep Poorly? Some tips to get the sandman to come by

light colored bedroom


The main role of your bedroom is to be a place where you recharge your batteries. Because of this, it’s important to feel at home in it. You should also fill it with things that make you feel calm.

If you take certain things in mind, you can create calmer areas that make it easier for you to relax.

  • Choose warm and soft colors like blue and green, earthy tones, rose or Lille. These encourage relaxation and introspection. And, this makes it easier for us to slow down.
  • Natural materials also encourage rest. Wood, cotton, linen, esparto, wool, etc.
  • Create order. Disorder stresses you, even if you don’t notice it sometimes. If you have piles of clothes that have accumulated around your chair, night tables, or a tower of books or papers, it’s impossible for you to rest peacefully at night.
  • Forget electronic devices. Leave your phone, tablet, or TV out of your room. The electromagnetic energy interrupts your sleep. Your body works off of electric pulses. And, these devices give you constant stimulation. Turn off everything to be able to rest.
  • Extreme rest. People live life at a tiring pace. Because of this, sometimes you aren’t able to calm your mind at night. You can put a lavender branch on your nightstand or use its essential oil on your pillows. It has relaxing properties and smells fantastic.
  • Less light. Try to sleep with it as dark as possible. This will give you better rest. This is due to the fact that your brain will send out the right signals to make you calm down.

If you don’t get good sleep, try using Feng Shui

white and grey bedroom


  Feng Shui helps you to get balance and peace. It also helps you learn to distribute and use materials, shapes, and colors in your favor.

  • This tells us that you had is the most powerful energy point you have. Because of this, your headboard should be large to give you a feeling of security.
  • It also recommends that you have two-night tables. This gives you emotional balance and is especially recommended for people in a relationship.
  • Finally, your bed’s location. It’s better if the head is pointed north to recharge your energy. Don’t let furniture get in the way since this blocks the flow of chi.

It’s also very important to wear socks if you sleep badly. You’ll feel it both in your physical and emotional health. Inspect your mattress and change your bedroom’s decor so that you’ll sleep better.