5 Spa Decor Ideas

There's more to decorating a spa than buying a few decorative accessories. You have to create an ambiance that sings peace and relaxation.
5 Spa Decor Ideas

Last update: 19 June, 2019

Creating the perfect spa decor is essential for setting the mood. In fact, this is nearly as important as your spa treatments themselves. Your spa room should transmit absolute serenity. It’s the only path to the peace and tranquility you seek.

Now that we can agree on the fact that decorating a spa means more than strategically positioning a few decor objects, let’s move on to five ideas that’ll help you create the perfect spa.

1. Candles for a relaxing atmosphere

spa decor candles

If you want to design a space to relax in, your mind might jump to candles. They’re a wonderful option as they create a peaceful setting. In addition, they also provide gentle lighting. Spa decor doesn’t call for a strong light source, making candles a perfect choice.

When it comes to choosing your candles, feel free to use a variety. Try small ones and use them to make an original set-up.

Remember to always take the necessary precautions when using candles. They present a very real danger so be sure to blow them out when you don’t need them.

2. Plants that withstand humidity

spa decor plants humidity

Green should be present in any spa. Plants bring us closer to nature and to all of its positive attributes.

But look for plant varieties that thrive in humidity. Water and steam are two very essential elements in spas and not every plant can handle them.

Also, consider a Feng Shui garden that uses a set of bamboo canes on top of a base of rocks. It’ll create the perfect setting and require no maintenance whatsoever. You can set it up anywhere and in any space.

3. Decorate a spa with warm colors

spa decor warm colors

Spas are a place to relax. Therefore, light, pastel colors should dominate the color palette. Find a color that suits the setting decor and your preferences. More often than not, green and blue tones are most popular for spa rooms.

Green and blue transmit a fresh atmosphere that’s calm and serene. These three values are at the base of any spa treatment. But you can always include accessories that add a pop of color and joy to the room.

4. Warm, integral lighting for spa decor

spa decor lighting

While we already touched upon a candlelit set-up, we still want to highlight the importance of having additional lighting. In other words, you should use conventional lighting as well.

A light that’s built into your walls or ceiling can be a great way to light up your spa sufficiently without offsetting the decor. It could be a strong light source for your sauna or for when you’re cleaning.

You can always turn the extra lights off when you don’t need them to create a warm, relaxing spa setting.

5. Wicker basket decor

spa decor wicker basket

Decor can serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. Wicker baskets are a great example. You can use them to hold towels and they’re much more visually pleasing than a rack. They allow you to store towels in an organized manner.

At home decor stores, you can find the perfect wicker basket from a wide variety of options. If you’re looking for a more delicate decor, look for baskets that are lined with fabric on the inside.

You can also use the baskets to  store lotions, body washes or other bathroom accessories for spa routines. As soon as you have a few, you’ll find endless ways to use them. And a great thing about wicker baskets is that they’re very economical.