How Can you Paint Tiles? Do it with Style!

Want to renovate your bathroom or kitchen tiles? Paint them! We'll tell you how you can do just that in our post today.
How Can you Paint Tiles? Do it with Style!

Last update: 13 November, 2018

Painting tiles is a great way to switch up your kitchen or bathroom. If you think that the tiling in these rooms is making everything look a little outdated, don’t worry because you don’t have to take on a huge project.

You can try using vinyl tiles. They’re resistant and go right on top of the tiles that you want to change. Painting tiles is also a fast, effective and economical option. On top of everything, you can do it yourself!

These days, you can find paints that are made especially for tiles. The results look great and in addition to enjoying a new look, your tiles will stand out. In today’s post, we’ll delve more into the second option, painting tiles, and show you how you can do it.


You can easily find the materials you’ll need to change your tiles:

  • Flat brush: this brush will paint tiles with precision, especially in the areas where tiles touch the wall.
  • Short-hair paint roller: this roller will help coat the surface of the tiles. It’ll help us paint them quickly.
  • Masking tape: covering the areas that we want to avoid painting with masking tape is very important. For example, tape helps prevent painting the areas where the tiles meet the wall.
  • Plastic cover: stove-tops and counters should be well-covered to avoid paint splatters.
  • Paint: you must have paint for this project. We want to be specific about which kind of paint you’ll need. If you want to paint your tiles, you need to buy tile paint. Using the right kind of paint is important because it’s more resistant and repels dust, water, and grime. Second, when shopping for the paint, ask if you need to use a base coat to ensure that the paint covers well. These days, some paints include primer in their formula, making a primary coat unnecessary.
tiles materials

Painting tiles steps

The steps for painting your tiles are quite simple. To begin, you need to clear the area that you’re planning to paint. Remember that the paint will need a minimum of 24 hours to dry before you can use the area again. So, try to paint on a day when you don’t need to be home much.

Second, cleaning is essential. You have to clean off the tiles that you want to paint very thoroughly so that they’re free of any grime. After the tiles are completely cleaned, you can start painting. Check to see if the paint that you’ve purchased requires a primer or not.

You can paint your tiles one, two or more colors. Or, if you’re up for the challenge, you can even try a mosaic or imitate hydraulic tiles.

Hydraulic tile featured image

This is quite simple. You only need to print off a template of the mosaic or image that you want to paint and place it on top of the tiles. After, paint over with the flat brush and wait until the paint has dried to take off the template. We’re sure you’ll notice a difference with your new tiles.


Next, mind the borders. If you want everything to be the same color, you won’t have any problems. However, if you want a visible difference between the tile and border, be careful not to paint them.

You can use border paint pens that are quite handy because they’re more precise. In addition, you can use them to touch up areas once in a while. Most people paint the borders in a color that contrasts with the tiles.

The shower is now a place to relax and unwind, just like the bathtub.

As you’ve read, painting tiles is an easy project. It’s an activity where we can let our imagination run wild. In addition, it’s a cheap way to switch up your bathroom or kitchen as the materials aren’t too expensive.

To conclude our post, we want to mention that when you’re choosing your colors, keep in mind that they should match the rest of the room’s decor. Tiles play an important role in the kitchen and bathroom, and if they’re painted poorly, the entire room will suffer. So, paint them carefully.