Creative Natural Arrangements

Flowers, fruits, vegetables, leaves... these are just a few of the materials you can use to make natural arrangements. Read on to discover them!
Creative Natural Arrangements

Last update: 19 May, 2020

Natural arrangements can be very attractive if you mix and match many different resources. It’s a great idea to try different materials out.

Remember that anything goes! Flowers, fruits, vegetables, and leaves are very good options.

Variety is important in natural arrangements

A centerpiece with tulips and lemons.

Vegetables and fruit are usually fragile. They usually last for less time than flowers and leaves. Therefore, you should select the healthiest and the least ripe ones.

Consider that, before adding them to the arrangement, it’s advisable to wash them well to remove any soil, dirt, or dust. Also, we recommend spraying them to give them moisture and maintain their natural appearance.

Below, we’re going to share four great ideas that will allow you to let your imagination loose!

1. Fruit and tulips

Do you want to make a colorful arrangement? It’s very easy! Fill a large vase with mirabelle plums and black plums. Make sure they aren’t too ripe. Then, spray them with water to moisten them.

Subsequently, one by one, attach the tulips of any color you like to the plums, with the stem previously attached with florist wire. It’s a good idea to add some green foliage branches to the arrangement.

2. Roses and floating leaves

A rose petal and candle centerpiece.

Do you think it’s a good idea to use water to create natural arrangements? Use roses to float in a wide, shallow container. They’ll look great as a centerpiece for a special dinner!

To make the arrangement look fresher, we recommend that, the day before you make it, leave the roses in water with a diluted floral preservative.

When you’re going to make your arrangement, cut the stems of the roses almost to their bases. Then, put them in the half-covered container of water. Try alternating with floating candles.

If you want, you can also do this with petals! Spray the leaves with water to make them shine. You’ll see that they’ll look more beautiful and fresh.

3. Natural arrangements with variety

A flower arrangement with grapes.

We’re going to suggest some natural arrangements with a lot of variety that we’re sure you’ll love.

  • In a high container. You can place the fruit and vegetables directly in water along with flowers. For example, a bunch of grapes hanging from the mouth of a high container or some celery leaves as a green complement.
  • In a centerpiece. You can arrange flowers and hydrangea leaves placed on a shallow plate and combined with apples, pomegranates, and medlars. It’s the perfect centerpiece for a casual lunch.
  • In a salad bowl. Strategically distribute agapanthus, small pumpkins, eggplants, artichokes, and sweetcorn and attach them to florist foam. Also, you can use variegated ficus branches. This will look lovely on a piece of furniture in your dining room!

4. A blossoming apple tree with leaves

Using your skills and creativity, you can even imitate the fragrance and colorfulness of a blossoming apple tree by using other species. To do this, just follow these simple steps:

  • After filling a container suitable for the size of the natural arrangement you want to make with gypsum paste, immediately insert a natural fiber-coated cane.
  • When the paste dries, add a moistened foam ball and cover it by attaching thin-stemmed green foliage to it. The ficus leaves will look great!
  • Next, carefully insert skewer sticks with red apples. It’s best if you choose small ones, making sure that the skewer sticks reach half of the fruit. Distribute the pieces around the ball, leaving free spaces to place the flowers.
  • Also, you can use white daisies, preferably with thick stems, so you can attach them to florist wire. Lastly, put a layer of coconut or moss fiber on the gypsum paste and cover the cane with ivy branches.

Tricks to make natural arrangements

An arrangement with roses and stones.

If you chose a wide container with a certain depth for your natural arrangement and you don’t have enough flowers, vegetables, fruit, and leaves, don’t worry. We’re going to help you make your arrangement look beautiful!

For this, you can fill the bottom of the container with flat stones or place another smaller container with a flat base inside it before putting in the foam to make the natural arrangement.

As you may have noticed, this will raise the bottom of the container and, the entire natural arrangement will seem leafier despite having few elements. What do you think?

Start making the arrangement you liked the most!

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