3 Minimalist Vases to Fall in Love With

Check out these minimalist vases. They'll steal your heart.
3 Minimalist Vases to Fall in Love With

Last update: 03 November, 2019

Minimalist vases are a wonderful accessory to consider for your home decor. They’re perfect pieces as they transmit warmth and elegance to each room without any trace of flamboyance or clutter. They’re also a popular decor accessory because they create an ambiance and never go out of style.

In our post today, check out 3 beautiful examples of minimalist vases. As you’ll see below, they create a special, elegant setting for their surroundings. You’ll definitely find yourself browsing for your own vases after this post.

1. Minimalist set

minimalist set

Our first example is this original set of gray vases. If you want to decorate with vases, keep this unwritten rule in mind – pairs or trios look fabulous. Sets can create wonderful decor as long as you’re working with simple designs.

We love how they look because the decor is original and the vases create harmony. The vase on the right and in the middle are identical in design but differ in size. Meanwhile, the smallest vase plays with the harmony tastefully with a different color and lines.

The rest of the room has gray tones and the only exception is the table where the vases sit. The combination of vases and the cherry tree branch is the only decor in the room. Together, they evoke an Asian decor feel where peace and harmony reign.

2. Collection of vases

minimalist vases collection

What we love about vases is that there are endless designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. Mix them all together and create exciting sets that will give you a result like the image shown above.

In the picture, you can observe all kinds of different styles that at first, would never seem to belong in the same setting. But the result is simply incredible and ideal for minimalist home decor.

Sometimes, when people try to decorate their home in a minimalist style, the results fail to impress and look quite dull. But with elements like these vases, your setting can change immensely. You can also use them to add a pop of color.

In the picture, the vases are black, white, metal and red. You can use the same idea for your home and simply swap the red for the main color in the room you want to decorate.

Or, play with the heights of your vases as in the image. You’ll create something much more original and exciting.

3. Less is more

minimalist vases less is more

If there’s a phrase that defines the minimalist decor style, it’s “less is more”. Our last example is a perfect example of a beautiful minimalist bedroom that’s stayed true to the saying.

As with all minimalist decor, the decor in this bedroom only uses functional elements. They’re warm, practical elements that make everyday life easier. The only object that breaks through the functionality of this room is the vase.

It’s a large, white minimalist-style vase. And to really take the stage, it holds a beautiful bouquet of cala lilies. Though the vase reflects the same style of the room, it still draws attention.

No nightstand has been used in order to balance out the visual effect of the vase. By eliminating the nightstand, the bedroom feels free and spacious. As for the colors, all of the earth and gray tones work together to create harmony in the room and create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

As you’ve seen with us today in our three examples, minimalist vases offer many possibilities. Despite the simplicity of their designs, they’re far from boring and won’t go unnoticed. Give your minimalist home a decorative touch by using the perfect vase.