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4 Ideas for Decorating with Flower Petals

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Use our 4 flower petal decor ideas to freshen up your home decor. Bring in Spring.
4 Ideas for Decorating with Flower Petals
Last update: 24 July, 2019

Looking for ways to bring the joy of spring into your own home? Here are 4 ways to decorate with flower petals. Flower petals are gaining popularity in the world of interior decor because they’re an easy, economical way to bring nature inside.

But how can you use flowers in decor? Floral arrangements, decorative plants, garlands, etc. But today, we also have an original idea to show you that turns even wilted flowers into decor.

Flower petals are a fun way to decorate rooms. They create a natural, delicate and romantic decor. On top of that, you can obtain petals easily and ready-to-use in specialized craft stores.

But you’ll also always have the option of using wilted flowers that you already had at home. Extend their use and save money!

1. Wooden boxes decorated with petals

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Decorating wooden boxes with flower petals is a wonderfully original decor idea. It’s a simple project to do that’s perfect to try with your little ones. We recommend using bigger-sized petals to completely cover the top of your wooden box.

You can easily find the materials you’ll need for this project: flower petals, glue, and a plain wooden box. These materials are sold at any arts and craft store.

  • First, leave the petals to dry out in the sun for a day. After one day of drying, you’ll have copper-toned petals that’ll add a nostalgic decor to your box.
  • Next, create a design for the top of your box. There are two ways to go: cover it entirely with flower petals randomly; or, place different kinds o petals in a specific pattern.
  • Lastly, apply a layer of varnish or white glue to seal the petals onto your box. Everything will stay in place and look gorgeous.

2. Framed petals

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One of the most artistic projects you could ever make is a beautiful framed flowers composition. First, lay out the picture by using petals of different shapes and sizes as well as leaves.

This project calls for a technique that’s very similar to collage. The only difference is that here, you’ll be using a natural material.

Scenic images are the most common subjects, but feel free to create any kind of picture. This technique is perfect for spelling out names. Framed names look great in children’s rooms.

To get started, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Petals and leaves from different flowers.
  • White construction paper for the base of the image.
  • A nice frame with a glass cover to keep the petals and leaves in place.
  • A pinch of imagination.

3. Decorate with flower petal garlands

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Flower garlands are so romantic and easy to make. They’re also perfect to dress up a special day, such as a romantic dinner, party or wedding.

You can fashion a garland out of flowers easily and in no time. You’ll only need string, a large needle and flower petals. Try looking for string that isn’t too thick or it won’t go through the eye of the needle.

Use more or fewer petals according to how dense or loose you want your garland to be. Or, you can even prepare several and combine them to create more movement.

You can use any kind of petal for your garlands. But make sure that the petals are fresh or you won’t be able to sew them onto the string.

4. Table centerpiece with floating candles

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To finish our list, we have a romantic table centerpiece. This original centerpiece uses a floating candle and petals. You can create it with any kind of transparent container that you have at home. In fact, you could even use a big wine glass, too.

Just fill your container with water and add a few rose petals along with a floating candle.

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