A Computer Keyboard as a Decorative Element

Don't throw away your old computer keyboards! They can make for excellent decorative elements. Take a look at how to do this.
A Computer Keyboard as a Decorative Element

Last update: 25 January, 2020

Many people may wonder how they could use a computer keyboard as a decorative element. We tend to think that the function of this object is solely and exclusively for computer tasks. However, believe it or not, there’s more to it than just that.

A computer keyboard has a functional aesthetic, shape and design.

You could say that computers, in general, can have a different purpose than usual. By doing this we give place to a new idea in the decorative field. Let’s expand on this a bit more.

What can you do with a simple computer keyboard?

A desk with a laptop, a smartphone, and a pencil on it.

The aesthetics offered by a computer keyboard are quite simple. They’re horizontally aligned buttons with no exact symmetry. Despite this, though, they keep an orderly consistency and distribution.

This is a modern-world article given the influence that technology has had on our current society. That being said, anyone in the world can recognize a computer keyboard.

The aesthetic impact of this object shows just how things evolve and transform with time. And not only that, but it reminds us how something so simple and specific can become something else.

The world of decoration was able to turn computer science into an art.

Vintage style decoration

A vintage computer keyboard.

How is it possible to decorate a space by using a computer keyboard? One way is by creating a vintage character to the room.

  • It can be used as a wall decoration. This idea is quite widespread in bars and restaurants.
  • The room would have a 90s vintage style
  • This style is quite eye-catching, which would attract everyone’s attention once they walk into your home.
  • You must keep the keyboard clean. If you don’t, it’ll collect dust – and you don’t want that!
  • You can also put stickers on each key for a hint of color.

Computer keyboards can give an aesthetically pleasing vibe to a household.

Pencil holder made with the keys of a computer keyboard

A pencil holder decorated with keyboard keys.

Decorating a pencil holder using the keys of a computer keyboard is something you probably hadn’t heard of before. It’s very simple to do.

  • The first thing to do is get a computer keyboard that’s no longer useful. Then, remove different keys of the same size.
  • Make a square or cylindrical structure either with wood, cardboard or solid material.
  • Glue each key onto the surface, forming consecutive rows of keys.
  • This creation is fascinating since it turns a simple computer keyboard into a cool pencil holder. It would be great to decorate an office or your kid’s room.

A very unusual mirror frame

A mirror frame decorated with black and white keyboard keys.

Another very innovative idea would be decorating a mirror frame with keyboard keys. The process is quite similar to the one above. Again, the first thing to do is get hold of a useless computer keyboard and extract its keys.

  • The first thing is to have a smooth frame, it doesn’t matter if it’s circular or quadrangular.
  • Secondly, glue the keys onto the surface of the frame so that they remain immobile and steady. You can use superglue for this step.
  • You can combine keys of different colors: black, gray or white. Putting colored stickers on each one would give it a special touch as well.

A unique message board

A message board with keys of a computer keyboard inside.

To decorate the walls, you can also place picture frames with computer keys inside to create a message board.

You may need more than one computer keyboard to do this since your message probably requires the same letters more than once. We recommend you glue them onto individual surfaces and then put them inside the frame.

Think about the message since the board itself will be a very attractive piece for the living room.

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