Rugs with Architectural Images for Wall Decor

Decorating your walls with tapestries can give your home an original decor. Varieties with architectural images are a fantastic option.
Rugs with Architectural Images for Wall Decor

Last update: 22 August, 2019

In our post today, we want to talk about rugs with architectural images and how great they work on walls.

We normally cover our floors with rugs while hanging tapestries on our walls (you also might be interested in wallpaper). But rugs can also work on walls, adding style and personality.

This decor tradition originates from Middle Eastern cultures and was mainly a symbol of opulence and wealth. Its luxurious origins remain apparent in the quality of the designs and materials.

But remember that you have to take your rug’s weight into consideration in order to hang it up properly. You should also look for an area that doesn’t receive too much sun as the rays can have consequences on your rug. Additionally, make sure that your rug doesn’t overwhelm your decor.

Below, check out our original ideas for wall decor.

Rugs with architectural images

If you stop and look, regardless of their material, rugs are usually solid-colored or feature geometric or floral patterns. As for the kinds of materials rugs come in, the variety is enormous.

You can also find rugs that feature singular geometric patterns.

In some Turkish rugs, you’ll notice plant motifs under arches or between columns. Meanwhile, prayer rugs feature designs with temples. If you like to travel, you can visit these places yourself and shop for rugs with all kinds of designs. These beautiful rugs will give your home an exotic air.

Or, you can also consider architectural designs that recreate city skylines. A great example is this gem designed by artisan rug designer Nani Marquina in 1982. The rug shows the New York skyline and was the designer’s first patchwork piece.

rugs wall decor

Many people use the London, Paris or New York city skyline in their home decor. And you can find them in all kinds of decor products such as blankets, posters, pictures…

Rugs that use a combination of geometric, plant and architectural motifs

For the most part, architectural images aren’t very common in rug designs– or at least by themselves. But when rugs do feature architecture, the overall design usually also includes human figures as well. In other words, the rug paints a scene and uses architectural images in the background.

You only need to look at Italian or French rugs from the 16th or 17th century to understand what we mean. Try looking in home decor stores or antique shops to find copies or original rugs from this time period.

William Morris & Co also provides great examples of rugs with architectural images. Browse their products to find scenes from stories like King Arthur, the Sleeping Beauty or the Legend of the Holy Grail… all of these rugs feature architecture in the background, creating a backdrop for the overall design.

Rugs for children’s rooms

There are also rugs with architectural images fit for children’s rooms as well. These options generally feature simpler, colorful designs.

They’re a great way to decorate the walls of a child’s room. Here’s an idea: that classic city rug with streets, traffic signs, stores works great on floors, but why not on a wall as well?

Children love castles and palaces. In light of that, many rug designs incorporate them for a fun, decorative piece. Knights, princesses, and dragons are common motifs.

rugs wall decor children

Some rugs have an outline of a castle or palace and still count as a rug with an architectural image. Children love them!

Decorate your walls with original flare

As you’ve read with us today, rugs come in all kinds of designsThey can feature a single architectural image or combine it with plant or geometrical motifs as well.

You’ll find them in all kinds of styles, such as Eastern, Naif, modern, or classical styles to name a few. There’s a rug for everyone and anyone.